Zero Mass’ solar panels turn air into drinking water

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population. In the third episode of Next Level season 2, Lauren Goode visits Zero Mass Water, an Arizona-based startup, that is harvesting water using solar panels that pull moisture from the air, even in the desert. Subscribe:

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Find out how do solar panels work and convert solar energy to electricity.

solar energy
by Elf-8

40 Responses to Zero Mass’ solar panels turn air into drinking water

  1. Ruben Schnitzler says:

    In germany you can actually drink tabbed water😉 completly useless here

  2. claire higgins says:

    It’s really just a dehumidifier that cleans the water, since clean drinking water is statistically speaking an issue in dry parts of the world the dehumidifier part of this technology will be least effective where it is needed most however, solar powered technologies capable of of taking dirty water and cleaning it to a level where it is safe to drink could make a huge difference in some parts of the world but only if it’s more cost effective then current technologies such as combining something along the lines of a lifestraw and uv treatment. Of course the people who need it most are the people who are least able to pay so I hope this is a not for profit organisation.

  3. Cliven Longsight says:

    "What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators."
    "Vaporators? Sir, my first job was programming solar panelled dehumidifiers linked to filters, for a lot less money—very similar to your vaporators in most respects."
    Thunderf00t vid in 3.. 2.. 1..

  4. Aidan McCready says:

    3:05 "Here in the Philippines"
    *points to Singapore

  5. Katie McAtee says:

    this is great

  6. Mind Yours says:

    If they want to blow up as a company. I suggest that they link up with Elon Musk. Being their invention has the potential to do great things. Plus I can see the potential in using that kind of invention for SpaceX's space explorations when visiting other planets. Probably even come up with a large scale solution to water fields of crops in space. Might even help to Terraform other planets.

  7. Colin Yuan says:

    for a place which still dont have clean water, i'm wondering does that place also has money to buy this equipment

  8. davmus12 says:

    Mineralized? Why would you have to add anything to pure water?

  9. Jack Nicholson says:

    This will be very useful after the nuclear fallout dissipates and the sun comes back out.
    I've gotta get a few of these for my bomb shelter.

  10. Brian Goetz says:

    Dehumidifier will make 6 time the water and is 375 watts and 8 solar will run it all day it was my ida lol it will make 12 gallons a day and will cost noting compared silver plate the cooling coils in the dehumidifier

  11. brijesh mollick says:

    What is it's price and what's the price per unit?

  12. SysPowerTools says:

    This is retarded. 5l of water is way more than optimistic and using a descendant is not new technology. A compressive dehumidifier would be an order of magnitude more efficient and nothing works if there is 0% humidity. Because there is no water in the air. How are people stupid enough to believe this crap.

  13. Gary Rose says:

    need pure water no additives so next run it through a ro unit…

  14. Gary Rose says:

    they condense moisture from humid air…

  15. korpse6rinder says:

    If everyone had this, it would make it rain less and cause more harm.

  16. Abdul Sonday says:

    5l per day?

  17. Abdul Sonday says:

    … cost and operating cost? …

  18. jaye1967 says:

    Not quite as nice looking as the toadstools, but at least their slightly less blatant at overestimating how much water they can get.

  19. TonnySenior Anthony says:

    the music is so annoying that i had to stop watching

  20. Lazy cat says:

    Thank you this helped me with my report on solar energy

  21. sikander ali says:

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  22. Martina Ortíz says:


  23. Monique Palmer says:

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  24. Donnie Fielder says:

    cooooooooooooooooooooooool 😑😑😑

  25. Quincy J Miller says:

    yo thats dank

  26. Devon Alves says:

    this barely helped im doi a school project with my friends and this video barely helped

  27. Richard Roberts says:

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  28. Cloudsourcing Solutions says:

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  29. Himes Huhop says:

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  30. Lobsta ! says:

    This is a fucking ad.

  31. Kath Butt says:

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  32. Vadym Radkov says:

    If you don't know how to make it by yourself , just go to inplix website.

  33. Smit Desai says:

    Aw yahhhhhhhhh

  34. revilorere says:

    Can someone tell me what a breaker panel is? =)

  35. Brian Huezo says:

    this helps me on my project

  36. OliPop2537 says:


  37. Bruce Vlog says:

    is this plan work at anyway ?

  38. Ahmad Ahmad says:

    very very carful and very very beatiful and very nice

  39. Janna Maximillian says:

    Interesting.. solar is very interesting..

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