Wiring a Solar Combiner Box for an RV Solar Power System (Part 8)

Today, I’m showing you the wiring from our solar panels to our solar combiner box (electrical junction box) using MC4 connectors and busbars on our RV solar power system.
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17 Responses to Wiring a Solar Combiner Box for an RV Solar Power System (Part 8)

  1. Sue Wallace says:

    Keep em coming. Very informative .

  2. MsShawn43 says:

    This is for sure,  absolutely, by far  the best combiner box wiring video I have watched . Thank you….

  3. David Gurrola says:

    Here's My e-mail dave_gurrola@aol.com

  4. Chinto Nogales says:

    Merry Christmas y’all from your fellow Class C’ers Johnny and Lillie!!

  5. fadi daud says:

    boss, Thanks for the video. its really help me a lot, anyway what is the size of of your wire from busbar to Mppt charge controller? hope you will have some videos about your lightning protection or grounding, happy holidays!

  6. John Mason says:

    What happened to the closed captions?

  7. Bill Anderson says:

    Seasons Greetings to you both. I hope you have a wonderful Xmas, and stay in one place for a few days so that Santa can find you lol. I have enjoyed watching your journey since the beginning and look forward to even more videos in the New Year. Thanks for sharing.

  8. DnSAdventures says:

    Love these videos guys! Now you are going to have to write a book to put all this information in too! 🙂 Happy Holidays! Hope you get to spend all of it with friends and family!

  9. David Gurrola says:

    I have a 1987 bounder 34 ft it doesn't have anything up date everthing from the 80s I want to put solar panels how many should I put

  10. David Gurrola says:

    I want to say thankyou for helping me with the valve stems on the dually wheels I bought them on amazon

  11. 1dpandy says:

    When are you going to get on the road again?

  12. Blackbirds Photography says:

    Awesome Vid!! Did you use a 30 Amp fuse for each incoming solar panel?

  13. Idaho Rider says:

    You did a great job. Thanks for the video.

  14. Taka Yama says:

    Duet, you and Steve of More we Explore, are the only people I have ever heard call what electricians have always called junction box, a combiner box. Hen da yo. 変だよ。

  15. Darrell Wampler says:

    That combiner box is great idea. Especially the buss bars. That make adding more panels easier. 👍

  16. East Coast Granny says:

    So are you for hire for full install? As much as I would like to comprehend, this old gal still has trouble besides physically I am a mess. I am sure you are helping others very much! Love your channel

  17. Richard M says:

    Why didn't you take full advantage of your MPPT controller by wiring at least two panels in series. Then the current running from the combiner box to the charge controller is less (higher voltage, lower current = less resistive loss). Concerned about shading? Just curious.

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