Whole house running on solar plants | Aapki News

Whole house running on solar plants | Aapki News

Watch the amazing story of a college professor who use solar power for his house.

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  7. Nikunj Patel says:


  8. MrEvilFrank666 says:

    What the fuck are these ass holes saying????

  9. Un Dieu says:

    4 lakhs ke baad bhi bigli bill mae katauti what the hell is this

  10. Tulika's says:

    bahut icha hai meri apne ghar mein solar pannel lagwane ki… par bahut mehenga hai … i will try to earn and save for this

  11. prince bhalla says:

    1.5 kwa ka solar system 6 panels aur 4 solar batteries of 150ah k sath aapke 3 fans 3 CFL 1 Refrigerator 1 water motor 1 aur 32 inch kaLED TV..1 ton ka invertor AC chalta hai..karcha hai 1.75 lac

  12. saurabh agrawal says:

    bout mehga hai

  13. dogs4life says:

    Hats off !! Bharat sir

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