White House Asks For 72% Cut In Renewable Energy Programs

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20 Responses to White House Asks For 72% Cut In Renewable Energy Programs

  1. Patrick Barrett says:

    Coal and oil are natural substances…like Pot. If you should be able to burn one, then you should be ok to burn the others.

  2. ZBN - Meine Wenigkeit says:

    Manmade Climate change is a hoax. Inform yourself.

  3. Gilly Puente says:

    Kyle: Big oil companies are the most profitable companies in the world.
    Me: Kyle, buddy, Exxon Mobile made $7.8 billion gross in 2016, but their profit margin is about 3% so they only got to keep $234 million. They only have 73,500 employees. When you divide $234 million by the number of employees, you get $3,183.67. That's not one of the largest profits in the world.
    Kyle: New phone who dis

  4. Harrry lord says:

    I know for a fact that climate change isn't real.
    I guess Trump is pretty smart…

  5. BoozeNMetaL says:

    Well, see you guys in the wasteland I guess

  6. joaquin vega says:

    Here in Chile, we just begun a plan to leave behind ALL coal energy plants, and also we are going hard on solar in our desert

  7. Crippling Depression says:

    Trump; doesn't believe in climate change, rejects evolution and science, fills every corner of government with religious fundamentalists, hates gays, treats women like sex objects, racist as fuck, only liked by love-hating evil social-conservative neanderthals like Alex Jones and Pat Roberson. Drop dead barbarians, 2018 can't come soon enough #VoteDemocrat

  8. entZEROspawn says:

    I don't understand it, renewable would have so many jobs more than coal ?, even China is moving to solar because it's cheaper and cleaner to do, and there is already more people working in solar in the US than in the coal business.

  9. Abigail Slaughter says:

    So people are pissed because some "Hillary shill" lied to get a warrant for surveillance of a confirmed spy…

  10. 247 miners says:

    but her emails

  11. Herb Bluntman says:

    The Trumpsterfire is winning at killing jobs. 30% tariffs on photovoltaic solar panels and the materials needed to make them in the USA and now, cutting funding for the installation of renewable energy technology. A million people will lose their jobs because of this monumental stupidity.

  12. Blackatchaproduction says:

    The Maga maggot strikes again

  13. CJCryer Buzz says:

    God damn! There is no way the right could be that stupid. They just don’t fuckin care. And there is no way in hell they love their children or grand children. If they did they would be telling oil CEOs to go to hell. Money to these people is way more precious than their families.

  14. Văn Vinh Nguyễn says:

    I wouldnt worry too much anymore.Renewable Energy has enough momentum in the public right now I honestly do not believe losing a little bit of government support will matter that much

  15. Planet de la Tourette says:

    Right wingers don't like your insulation.

  16. TheShadowOfMadness says:

    ♪♫ Humanity is falling down, falling down, falling down! Humanity is falling down, this shit's scary! ♪♫

  17. torstein hamme says:

    Why do you leftist act surprised that conservatives deliver their promises? And pretend like they have told the voters deliverance on issues? You seem to live in an alternative reality. Renewable energy is very profitable now, they dont need green grants to build more. Investors are pouring money into it, the market does the job now. A country with fractured infratructure, cuts subsidies that are redundant. So the money gets geared towards a struggling sector, to make that viable again. It is not free grants forever. Have you seen the growth-charts for solar? It accounts for 0,5% and it doubles production every two years. Green grants will be a big burden, if you keep them like they were, till it is 10% of US consumption. An eternal green tax.

  18. Jim Garrison says:

    WTF??? And his clueless base… crickets…

  19. Ryan Officer says:

    It's stuff like this as to why I cannot sleep at night. Trump is literally the clown who is haunting me in my sleep. Why is America is trying so desperately to destroy everything! Oy! Renewable energy could do so much for America, Jobs, The economy, Innovation! We could have such a bright future.

  20. Ilyan Oneill says:

    I see where this is heading, should we just ban reading all together? Maybe then we can serve the morlocks.

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