What do you think of thr 30% tariff on solar panels from China?

The president has put a 30% tariff on solar panels and washing machines from China and South Korea. What do you think of that?

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  1. steve w says:

    Gerald Celente: "Currency Wars, Trade Wars, World War." I don't think protectionism works, it just pisses everybody off and starts a tit for tat cycle that usually never ends well . The question we should ask is why does America manufacture so little anymore? Think about it, after WWII we lead the world in every field, PERIOD. So what happened? Perhaps wage growth did not keep up with inflation. Or maybe innovation became an after thought and foreign companies started building stuff better AND cheaper. Did the Politicians sell us out? NAFTA? Is it a New World Order plot? What about our addiction to cheap money, cheap goods and cheap labor? How about all of the above? I don't think so, in my opinion, we, as a Nation, have lost our way and forgot what made us great.

  2. MoonLander and killerflies says:

    I think they should tariff everything made in china by 60 to 80% ( and i mean everything) so people will start buying American made products that were made here in the USA.

  3. muddyacres says:

    All comes out in the wash.  At least now maybe American companies can compete, right?  Consumers always go for cheaper.  So, that meant China.  People complain, yes, but money talks.  Anyway, next you know, the American companies will have a price war to compete for the consumer's business and we consumers will make out with big deals!! It's called capitalism.

  4. Robert Blakemore says:

    Part of the strategy of the tariff is to level the playing field and in the case of So.Korea, it will encourage Samsung and others to manufacture in America. It worked with the Japanese Auto Manufacturers in the 80s (Honda, Subaru and others built in America).
    Sure we buy cheap Chinese stuff but when we do we are supporting slave labor.No matter what people think of Trump he is a business man and has been talking about fair trade for years.

  5. Northeast Homestead says:


  6. Austen Redmond says:

    this is one of the ways you pay for a socialist economy, its also another way for the govt to stop people living independently & make them subservient to the corporations.

  7. David's Place says:

    Do you know that the past admins disallowed the "hot function" on washing machines but still sold them to Americans was the ""hot" not working functionality but same cost. This is one of the reasons why he is doing this.

  8. David's Place says:

    My guess is that they will start building SPs in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah and it will cost us about 25% cheaper. Watch for Renogy do lead.

  9. Todd Hendricks says:

    Dont let the water run of flow over your chickrn coup land then into your ponf

  10. martin wicker says:

    You are a fool if you think the tarrif is a good thing. There is no such thing as american made. The components are made in china. The only thing the deal does is make it harder for the poor to afford anything. I support the free market. Whoever can make a product at a fair price gets my business. Companys that cant compete and need government intervention dont deserve my money. Its a shakedown.

  11. Cyno Acrylate says:

    Just watched the Indian tariff on Chinese solar panels , as i am in the UK , not sure of the American prices but the indian video states that the difference in india is –
    Indian made panels cost 97c per watt ( $97 for a 100w panel )
    Chinese panels cost 39c per w ( $39 for a 100w panel )
    Even a 30% tariff would only add 13c per watt to the price which would take it upto around half the price of Indian made panels .( $52 for a 100w panel with 30% added ) .
    Not sure iff it will make a difference other than the government collecting more tax from it all and blocking those on a low income from affording even cheaper Chinese ones ! .


    I agree with it. What bothers me is how many supposed solar companies were given money during obamas term that never produced or went out of bussiness not long after. If they had actually produced the prices here would already be lower. Great vid.

  13. ALMOST OFFGRID says:

    I think I am glad I got our panels when we did lol.

  14. Thomas Fronk Sr. says:

    Hello Mr. Nurse. Enjoyed the vid and had maybe a helpful tip about your solar panels. What if when temperatures would allow it, clean the panels and apply either Rain-X of a type of wax so snow and ice don’t stick?

  15. cheifreal says:

    I like the idea. I say tarufs on more imports. It is an incentive to buy USA made. The China made I had were good product. But in general better quality comes from US. I happily pay more often so I can have quality American made products.

  16. J. Godfrey says:

    It is way over do! My grandma was almost 90 when she told me. She was very sorry for the state of the world I was entering into as a young adult. I wish she was still alive to see us heading down the right path again. 😎

  17. Salobrena Smith says:

    If it is protecting American jobs I am all for it..

  18. bendigr says:

    once the playing field is leveled, prices will start to drop.

  19. Harleys Rule says:

    My take?  GOOD!  The good people of the United States do not need to compete with slave labor in oppressive nations (countries that also suppress their currency against the dollar).  I always buy American when I possibly can; this will be no different.

  20. Steven Morris says:

    They Gov't keeps the money. They should reimburse the tariff percentage to the buyer of the competing American product until the tariff ends.

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