Watch How The Fast Growing Renewable Energy Industry is Affected by US High Tariff

Trump tariff on solar energy could cost jobs.
In Colorado, is the solar panel tariff a job creator or not.
LA’s Booming Solar Installation Business May Suffer Under Trump’s New Tariff.
Trump Dealt A Major Blow To The Fastest-Growing Job Market In The US.
Green dream goes wrong- German taxpayers have to pay more for renewable energy.
US Solar Power Industry Braces for Tariffs.
New tariff could impact solar industry.

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20 Responses to Watch How The Fast Growing Renewable Energy Industry is Affected by US High Tariff

  1. Stormbringer Mornblade says:

    On imported only and not a word about the 50% tariff's on US product's being sold off our shore's . Just a little biased now we see.

  2. Rohit Mohite says:

    Why cnn is not telling increase Tax is on imported solar panels.

  3. Orn cuff says:

    use the import tax to subsidize US solar

  4. George Crabtree says:

    President Trumps goal was to eliminate the unfair price advantage that China has and shift the market to American Solar Panel producers. This creates more American jobs and keeps American dollars in our economy instead of China's economy. Remember who is bringing you the manufactured "Doom-and-Gloom" on everything that Trump does, it's the Main Stream Media which is owned by George Soros. The same Media Billionaire who has proudly proclaimed that he "Hates America and all Americans and will do everything in his power to destroy them." Google him if you doubt it.

  5. Mogli Shakan says:

    It wouldn't matter so long as the electric company is a private company not in the hands of its consumers. There just going to Edison you like they did to tesla.

  6. Lady pilliwick says:

    Trump was lobbied by the American solar panel industry who said they couldn't compete with the lower priced Chinese panels
    So you have a choice. expensive American made panels or lots of cheap Chinese panels. …

  7. Ryan VanDenBerg says:

    Manufacturing jobs in solar dwarf those in solar installation jobs

  8. BcA - Biciclind cu Axel says:

    European Union FTW !

  9. Dennis Gaffney says:

    Solar needs to be subsidised

  10. NANOC Ofocclo says:

    The tariff helps American companies compete with other countries like China where the government subsidizes the panel manufacturing.

  11. Faruk Carushi says:

    I don’t think this tarriff will hurt a darn thing. The solar industry will continue to grow…….. fast

  12. MrPathorock says:

    The untold story is that Trump wants to kill renewable energy and help oil company.

  13. Carlo de Guzman says:

    long term.. its how china decides to react. they control as much as 90% of the crystalline components needed for PVs and if they decide to hoard or even increase those prices, its gonna hurt everyone.

  14. Brian Brewster says:

    But, we all know there's a hidden agenda with this tariff business. Trump isn't going to help the solar industry for at least a couple years. Under the pretense to make this more competitive it actually is designed to secure non-green technologies from hemorrhaging business profits. Big Oil is huge, and they don't want to share their majority slice of the pie with any other energy business.

  15. Brian Brewster says:

    This is just a thought – but why the heck don't we MANUFACTURE SOLAR PANELS HERE IN AMERICA? Not only would these circumvent the 30% tariff but it will create tens of thousands of more jobs in the manufacturing sector. Why are we importing something we can make here in the U.S.?

  16. FreshAire Cruisin says:

    I find it typical of CNN to not mention anything about that the three top Chiniese solor manufactuing companies are in talks to build manufacturing plants here in America, thus creating jobs, keeping prices competitive and not hurting the installation industries

  17. Carries Water says:

    It appears there is a disconnect of information between the media and the Solar Industry. Solar companies in our state are writing blogs on their websites saying this is a good thing. Pushing out foreign panels and making local panels seems better for America even if there is a temporary disruption…

  18. I am Chappy says:

    India has done the same exact thing!

  19. I am Chappy says:

    We dont want cheap knockoff solar panels!

  20. Roger Onslow says:

    Sure it'll cost some jobs in the short term but it will allow US solar panel manufacturers to be more competitive. Typical CNN slant on the good news from Trump.

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