Wait… Is China Really the Leader in Green Energy?

Wait… Is China Really the Leader in Green Energy?

With plans to pull out of the Paris climate deal, the US is quickly falling behind in the race for clean energy. So who’s winning?

When Did Environmentalism Become So Political? – https://youtu.be/r0tX54XUcHs
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Trump’s Withdrawal of US From Paris Climate Pact Elicits Scathing Reactions
“European leaders and green groups reacted with anger and dismay after President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the United States, the world’s second biggest carbon emitter, was quitting the 2015 Paris Agreement. But they also pledged to defend the agreement and not to backtrack in the fight against climate change.”

Despite Debate, Estimates of Humanity’s Impact on Climate Change Are Accurate
“A new study reconciles observed changes to the climate and computer model predictions, showing that they are more in agreement than they seem.”

Humanity Shouldn’t Rely on Negative-Emissions Technology to Curb Climate Change
“Stanford researchers warn against placing too much emphasis on unproven methods for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”


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20 Responses to Wait… Is China Really the Leader in Green Energy?

  1. Yoneey says:

    the 727 dislikes are from trump , he just made 727 accounts but gave up since he needed to respond to his twitter haters

  2. gaurav narsaria says:

    If america switches to renewable energy than its industries won't need fossil fuel derived electricity, thus they won't have to pay for electricity

  3. Angus Mac says:

    American politicians are being paid big money to deny climate change by the Petroleum industry through the funding of their expensive election campaigns. But the Petroleum Industry is international, it doesn't care if America is left behind in the long run.

  4. JeRome Welch says:

    Who invented solar technology. I believe it's Americans that patent did it that's a two percent efficient cell, technology has been on the rise with many people across many countries ;have been involved! it should be considered open technology! The lack of opportunity in solar expansion has been in storage at the local level ; grid tie options are expensive and you don't have power without input waveform to follow. now to the Paris accord … I'm not upset the US didn't sign on speak to the real deal. Climate science in the United States is Geo political it's about taxing us to fart , because somehow that will save the environment governments can't solve any one particular problem they will never solve any problem because why would we kill the cash cow… This is the same people governments who agreed to burn fossil fuel's for any nation to use nuclear fuels by treaty which led do use of high sulfur coal….

  5. Ax B says:

    China doesn't care about environment, they care about power. I put my life on that.

  6. James Phieffer says:

    You glossed over China's massive plans for building coal fired power plants. The Montreal Protocols worked because they applied equally to everyone, as opposed to Kyoto and Paris. Those seem to be more about massive wealth transfers than actually dealing with the problem.

  7. jake black says:

    Unfortunately Americans no longer want to look forward. Coal/fossil fuels are a dead technology. We can either get ahead of the curve, retrain those workers, and restructure our economy to make a profit off renewables or we can get left behind and suffer the consequences.

  8. Robert Kalinič says:

    So communist goverment of china say something and you believe all of it, like if you didnt know who we are talking abount. And USA is bad of course because they dont make such claims. Sure.

  9. Jafet Vargas says:

    The US fucking up the world since times immemorial

  10. George G. says:

    "Believe" in climate change ???
    But, isn't it a fact ?

  11. Roger Wang says:

    No one who have looked the energy consumption numbers of China will think solar and wind will take a significant potion of future China energy. The numbers just don't add up. China will consum more coal and natural gas, there is no going around it. And the biggest problem solar and wind face is energy storage. And most of the top battery makers are in US, like Tesla.

  12. Julius Cole Is Better Than Roblox Not says:

    I think it’s Norway. (I haven’t watched the whole video, so tell me if I’m wrong.)

  13. Dimes R F Tu says:

    China leads in coal consumption, but that's because they leads in population. If you check energy consumption per capita, China can't hold the candle to US

  14. Gary Kirkland says:

    * I'm taking a training course in solar panel installation, repair and maintenance. My instructor recommended this book [link here >>>https://www.facebook.com/Build-Your-Own-Solar-132917764038406/app/208195102528120/ ] as an excellent resource along with the course. I'm finding it invaluable. By buying it through Amazon, I saved considerable money and received it very quickly.*

  15. Marius The Gamer says:

    what about water turbines?

  16. Edward Yang says:

    China didn't pursue green energy because it's an "economic opportunity." They do it because they feel morally obligated to keep the environment clean. Burning coal pollutes the air but to be frank it wouldn't bother the rich and the powerful who all get mansions in places with clean air. Just like in the U.S., the rich executives and politicians don't give a sh*t if fracking pollutes the water since it doesn't affect them. Capitalism is the problem of America.

  17. BEER PORN & MORE says:

    They're investing while we're cutting spending to make the rich richer.

  18. Brooks Anderson says:

    Its a tragic irony that Houston, Texas, the oil capital of the world, got drowned with 49 to 50 inches of rain because Hurricane Harvey got energized by greenhouse gas emission atmospheric, and ocean global warming.

  19. SameerSlash says:

    "Of said globe"
    Let the flame war begin.

  20. James says:

    i'm n american and i'm triggered that china is doing something better than murica so i'm gonna do absolutely nothing about it.

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