Van Life – Our Amazing Stealth Solar Power Set up! Off Grid Camper Van

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– We installed a 300 Watt solar system in our stealth campervan and we love it! It makes living in a van much more comfortable, especially since we’re also working in the van!

We’re using Renogy’s flexible (bendable) 100 Watt panels, a 40 amp MPPT charge controller, a 500 Watt pure-sine inverter and a 155 ah Deep Cycle AGM battery from VMAX. Watch the video to check out how we installed it!

If you want more information about the components, prices, etc., check out our blog post about the solar panel system here:

We Have Solar Power in the Van!

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Mat & Danielle


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20 Responses to Van Life – Our Amazing Stealth Solar Power Set up! Off Grid Camper Van

  1. Evan Profit says:

    Hey great video! How is the industrial velcro holding up?

  2. Anywhere Phone Repair says:

    What roof rack is that and where can I purchase one?!

  3. Terry Weaver says:

    using bendable panels require being fixed to the top… OK for fall and winter, the heat transferred to the van's roof means greater insulation is required. As far as I am concerned the amount of energy required is twice the amount necessary to run the air conditioner. I have kept up with Solar Power since 8th grade, and I am now quickly approaching retirement age. I have over 3kwhs of panels already to be installed…but only require 2kwh. Pay close attention to sellers rating their panels by KWH or just KW… one is KiloWatts… the other is KiloWattHours… KiloWattHours is the energy produced each Hour… the other is just how much energy is produced, and can be referred to as in an entire day! KiloWattHours is the MUST HAVE.

  4. Walter Marlin says:

    2:15 Where do I find industrial strength velcro? How hard was the roof to drill through? What kind of bit did you use? What kind of caulking is that and has it worked? What is the size of the solar panels?

  5. Nadine Edwards says:

    I was curious about your program so I decided to try it out after hearing from a friend how well this worked for her. The guides were very easy to follow. Thank you for your help reconditioning my batteries [Check Details Here==> ].

  6. Aaron ___ says:

    how much?

  7. Aaron ___ says:

    I've used Velcro brand Velcro on my dash and the heat has caused the adhesive to release a little after ~2 years.

  8. Daniel Edwardsen says:

    Is there a way for 24 hour solar power that runs a fridge, charges a laptop and phone and plays a tv with a ps4??

  9. Trent Allen says:

    You ran them in series. Not parallel. Mppt doesn’t do anything different than a pwm unless you run panels in series.

  10. David Hancock says:

    That’s a great setup. That battery is 63 KG! But it’s 1.8Kwh which is a nice amount of storage, you could run a laptop for several weeks without even recharging.

  11. Olivia Sauceda says:


  12. cmscms123456 says:

    Look under your van, right where the battery is sitting usually that is dead space.  You could sink that battery in, right under that floor.  Actually , probably fit 2 or more batteries under the floor.

  13. Earthshine Nature Programs says:

    Very well done!

  14. Elizabeth Mize says:


  15. Joseph Jucutan says:


  16. Joshbo5H says:

    Can you stand/sit on a chair on these? Was thinking I'd also like to spend time on the roof if I ever go with this lifestyle.

  17. Rich Greene rustic, tool man van says:

    Thankyou for this video it has helped me make my decision. I'm going with the flat and flexible as well.
    Here's my rustic cabin van build pls sub

  18. Angel Suarez says:

    “As you see, there is nothing to see. Love it

  19. gaetanproductions says:

    nice job guys

  20. Kent Loretta says:

    Thanks for helping me recondition my batteries. It's such an easy process [Check Details Here==> ]. It even works with solar/off-grid, marine, golf cart, and forklift batteries. Plus, many more! That already save me over $100 and there are so many other batteries I am going to recondition with your course now too! Thank you.

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