Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable Energy! China Becomes Largest Solar Power Producer

Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable Energy! China Becomes Largest Solar Power Producer

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China Becomes World’s Largest Solar Power Producer.
Amit Ronen of GW Solar Institute talks about solar energy in China.
Tyson Slocum on renewable energy in China.
INDIA & CHINA surpasses USA on Renewable Energy.
Report finds China surpasses US in renewable energy consumption.
While U.S. moves toward coal, China betting big on solar.

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20 Responses to Unbelievable! China Surpasses USA in Renewable Energy! China Becomes Largest Solar Power Producer

  1. followthefleet1 says:

    In 25 years all these panels must be replaced. They will not replace baseload coal.

  2. Vinnie Chan says:

    Innovation is often born out of desperation. China just took a hard turn and head towards a whole direction in environment. To be fair tho, China just overtook US in renewable consumption and u need to take into account US has a forth of the population and operates under free market model which means it doesn't hv the government backing and consolidation like China. Question is whether it will head towards the right course or turn back in a different direction

  3. Kadin Hernandez says:

    Many people are looking to save money today. The future can`t be identified, and that`s why people are trying to save every resource they can particularly with the current economy problems. Through the producing power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it), lots of people have saved on energy bills and have developed their own energy. You can, as well.

  4. Milly Legume says:


  5. Tyler Brown says:

    America will not be great again

  6. Levine Levine says:

    China has surpassed USA in every metric except waging 7 regional wars, violating human rights, delivering death and destruction, and establishing military bases around the world that threaten world peace. China has become the world's factory for consumer goods; USA is the world's number one maker of war machines.

  7. Jason Cougar says:

    Nuclear power is absolutely the cleanest most affordable of all. That's a fact.

  8. Jason Cougar says:

    You know why? It causes more environmental damage to extract materials needed for solar panels and batteries, where a gas engine lasts at least 500k miles a battery lasts only 75 k. You green thumbs need to do your research your killing the environment at 100 times the rate of fossil fuels. That's a very generous statement it is the low end 100 to 1000 times faster. China wants this because they hold the most of these precious metals in some cases they are the only place on earth you can find them.

  9. Ellen Lipinskl says:

    Not surprising since the big utilities penalize American's for going truly self sufficient. Not lying. There is no way they can catch up since the greed interferes with progress and Peace.Can't truly do the best thing for all because they will no longer make the money and they will loose the threat and hold they have over the people.Just my opinion.

  10. C&S C&S says:

    Well done China.

  11. sstchan924 says:

    Who would have guessed China, one of the oldest y civilizations in the world, would whole heartedly embraces new technology for its future and the youngest technological superpower, namely America, hesitates to do so.

  12. sstchan924 says:

    When Trump proclaimed “ make America great again” I thought he would lead us to a bright new future of technological advances and growth. Instead he meant going back to the gas and coal-fired energy which made America leader of industry in the 19th century. Our so called free press echos his proclamation uncritically.

  13. sih1688 says:

    Just unbelieveable all those investments that made by China is just account for only 1% of China energy consumptions!

  14. Skully Anderthal says:

    Unlike America that continuously aims for conflicts and wars China seek creativity and renewable resources of growth in all sectors.China sows seed while America sows divisions within their own country while exporting violence around the World.

  15. jnprfilms says:

    Wow 😱

  16. jnprfilms says:


  17. Raymond Payette says:

    Great leadership!

  18. Bill Collector says:

    China is moving in the right direction.

  19. Brigitte Beck says:

    Yeah a step forward to healthy breathing..

  20. Gerry S says:

    I like the title of this…"unbelievable" – say what? Why is this unbelievable? The U.S. is doing everything it can to go backwards. The U.S. is often behind the rest of the world in their so called "development”. When will it dawn on them that they are no longer a major force in the world for good. They are probably the most unsustainable country on the planet, even if only by the fact that they have the money to change where many do not. It is a matter of acceptance and the will to change – neither seems to be widespread amongst U.S. citizens.

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