Tutorial: How to Solar Power Your Home #5 – Solar Panel and System Installer selection

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In this video we take a look at the different solar panel types, build quality, thoughts on DIY panels….and things to consider when selecting a solar system installer.
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40 Responses to Tutorial: How to Solar Power Your Home #5 – Solar Panel and System Installer selection

  1. dianito celestial says:

    I just want to run an Aircondition unit ( 1 and a half horse power ) for 24 hours, using off Grid solar system in the Philippines. How many Panels I need to prepare, how big is my Battery Bank should be, and how much amp do I need for my battery charger. If you could give me the right computations I really really appreciate it, Please advice and more power to you.

  2. tiphany beardsley says:

    hey i have a couple questions about solar can you email my husband at jbeardsley051287@gmail.com

  3. Andy edge says:

    I'll keep listening to your vids till I've completely learnt what I need to know.
    Thanks very much for the time and effort your putting in.

  4. Joseph Naigan says:

    Good morning is my Solar panel is 30 Watt and my controller is 5 amps and my battery is 12 volt is that ok.
    They can make on the electric fun , and 4 bulb of light 1 watts each bulb. They can. How many electricity will load to battery.? Please tell me what to do.?.

  5. bishal podder says:

    Hi Martin, can u suggest me how to make a transparent PV panel for my project work

  6. Chris A says:

    I absolutely love your videos. You are so good at conveying concise knowledge, and still you are completely thorough. Thanks for these videos. Learning so much right now.

  7. Scott Dawda says:

    great info

  8. Christopher Banacka says:

    at the 20:00 mark, they also do that for CPUs, and GPUs, and RAM for computers 🙂

  9. brian kukk says:

    you have to remember they were creating energy for the mass for profit .?with solar power you are close to your power no need to to feed the mass of grid forever stay with dc rewire your wires

  10. Jacob F says:

    Thank you for sharing all this information! Looking to teach myself and teammates how to design and construct solar energy solutions for powering our stream monitoring instruments. Discerning between mono and poly crystal units really got my attention! Naturally, not all of our monitoring devices are in optimal light conditions as some are feature more canopy cover than others. This knowledge will also come in handy for my own home application!

  11. Damien hanley says:

    links to pwer and wire up ect.. then wiring circuits for inverter then batteries ect. .brill vid well impressed.. self installer me. .

  12. Terry Buggage says:

    Thank U , U have expanded my knowledge of how to determine the quality of the panels ! respect

  13. john faulkner says:

    hi many thank you for your videos but my friend and I would love to know why you seem to have so many test meters as we seen to have 4 between us.

  14. Deebo says:

    Thanks Lorton well done on the videos.

  15. Pikachu On Blitz says:

    everything you said iin this vid is accurate thanks martin 


  16. Mervyn Crofton says:

    Martin thanks for the information. I'm considering installing solar power and and as a DYI man find your tutorials very informative and helpful.

  17. Rafael Camilo says:

    Good pieces of advise thanks

  18. time4grace says:

    the amorphous please try if it works near a heater tubing?  we are on-grid, and we have a very hot vertical tubing running from one apt to another.  Maybe this very hot tubing could have a use of running a amorphous solar panel, the energy I could add to my ac to run my microwave and stove; if I am right?

  19. 69littletoy says:

    Hi I was wondering what kind of system I would need to run a 400 watt convention heater in the winter . the shed is sealed pretty good with insulation.

  20. pad says:

    My inverter have 2 + 2- coming out of  it . I have 1+ 1- hooked up to bat .
    should I have 2+ 2 – hooked up to my bat ? If yes how should I hook up the other +- to a different bat or the same one ?

  21. DIY Homestead Projects says:

    Confused or want to learn more about solar? Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

  22. Bryan Bunker says:

    Question:  if you use the 21KWh capacity, how large of a solar panel setup will charge it the next day.  (Assuming good sunny day)  Also, the set up on your wall, what was the cost of the equipment? and what would it cost, approximately, for installation if hired?

  23. magprob says:

    A Tesla Battery would cost more than my house is worth!

  24. Brandon says:

    Just throwing it out here, all cell providers have to replace their batteries either with a time period or voltage after a load. Find a telecom contractor that replaces these batteries and get a bank of two very cheap.

  25. John Lares says:

    are those batteries out of a Smart car ? i have a opportunity to buy 2 smart car batteries , but how do you tear them apart

  26. Jason Foster says:

    Quite interested in this actually. Looked at the Tesla powerwall but will likely need two of them running tandem to power my ranch. How many PV panels do you suppose Id need to recharge the batteries? I live in Texas. Max kWh a day runs around 48 with minimums around 18. House, barn and workshop.

  27. Justin Patterson says:

    Like other new projects one has never done. Getting into solar can be daunting. Pricey too. Until you think about how much money it can save you over the lifetime of the hardware.

  28. jesus mora says:

    Have you considered using Edison Nickel-iron batteries for your setup? Maybe on the pricey side; however, I’m curious to know your intake on them.

  29. Garuthius Hall says:

    How much did you pay for the batteries though ??

  30. Russ B says:

    Hey shouldn't your positive or negative lead be at the opposite end of your battery bank to get proper charge distribution…?

  31. Pradeep Nair says:

    Trying to look up the specific battery type on Ebay, can you share the info on the 3kw(qty6) battery packs you have installed? Thanks.

  32. Kurt Conner says:

    I recently got the EZ Battery Reconditioning program and just reconditioned two car batteries. The guides were very easy to follow [Check Details Here==>https://t.co/vtfJJfWty0 ]. I wish I would have found this years ago! Thanks!

  33. ShowMeQuick says:

    Your answer is very much appreciated.
    How many Modules would be in a 2011 Smart ForTwo? Again I am interested in buying one buy have no idea how many modules are in a 2011 car

  34. Itzik beja says:

    price VS tesla Power wall?

  35. Serviciosymas says:

    How to keep cells balanced?

  36. cribcat 1 says:

    You can use batteries that aren't made by tesla as well. They can even be batteries that are made by duracell or rayovac or interstate or sanyo or panasonic… You can even write a different name with a sharpie on the battery and it will still work.

  37. Jonathan datlag says:

    Can you teach us viewers or a guy like me to make one like this one please

  38. MrZones21 says:

    Are your face smells like shit? because flys are flying in your face.

  39. Jonella Martinez says:

    Would like that PDF so I could try it on my off grid solar system cause I am totally new at this many ? Love all the helpful information you give thank please send me link or information

  40. k zane says:


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