Trump tariff on solar energy could cost jobs

Trump tariff on solar energy could cost jobs

President Trump’s new 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels could lead to a drop in the solar panel industry, ultimately costing thousands of workers their jobs, according to some reports.
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20 Responses to Trump tariff on solar energy could cost jobs

  1. Tim Smith says:

    put tariff on cnn

  2. happy cats says:

    the trade commission made a recommendation, Trump then agreed.  But for the democratic cult member who believes everything they're told ,it's easier to blame Trump. India too put tariffs on solar panels from China.  You know it's bad, when India's cheap labor force is underpriced

  3. Jonas Sandoy says:

    If the stock holders agreed to double the price of all stocks, the economy would go through the roof and make everyone rich!

  4. Jonte Ded says:

    I dare Trump to do the same with popular foreign products like iPhones and PlayStation

  5. Black Dominance says:

    This what we should do to counter it. Make them here in America as a big fuck you to him

  6. William Bradford says:

    What a Doucebag

  7. happy cats says:

    looked like cheap Illegal Mexican labor to me 🙁

  8. VII says:

    Of all the things that should be tariffed in the country Trump decides to go for solar energy

  9. Maaike R says:

    Meanwhile in Europe civilians get subsidies from the government to put solar panels on our roof and our governments are getting surpluses in (green) energy….moving away from fossil fuels.

  10. Brayant Galvez says:

    Chinese gov subsidizes cost to hit us economically and drive American manufacturers out of business

  11. My Comment says:

    The only truth about CNN is that they are FAKE NEWS

  12. My Comment says:


  13. J T says:

    Trump making America great again!

  14. J T says:

    Consumers will benefit from this… not this GOP idiot

  15. J T says:

    Stop these fucking imports!

  16. J T says:

    Good job Mr Trump… those need to be made in the us

  17. paul signac says:

    Cost Jobs? Not for executives in the oil industry. Including the ones in the Whitehouse.

  18. Robert Alan says:

    America first.

  19. Rory Fraser says:

    The man of the people

  20. Proteus TG says:

    The rest of the world is happy to buy cheap China made solar panels.
    It makes cheap energy.

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