Trump Administration Ramps Up War On Renewable Energy

Trump Administration Ramps Up War On Renewable Energy

Help us cover the political revolution:

“President Trump’s administration is reportedly seeking a 72 percent cut to the budget of Department of Energy programs related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Draft budget documents obtained by The Washington Post show the Trump administration will ask for 5.5 million in spending for the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The office’s current spending level is set at .04 billion for the fiscal year.

Last year, Trump sought 6.1 million in spending for the office, which Congress later rejected in support of higher numbers.”

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20 Responses to Trump Administration Ramps Up War On Renewable Energy

  1. PHIL BRITTIN says:

    Rex Tillerson IS EXXON in the Cabinet, Telling Trump what to do.

  2. Terry Walk says:

    Love your mother. Earth.

  3. Paolo G says:

    Trump hates renewables because the Scots built a wind farm in front of his big beautiful (failure) golf course.

  4. Joseph Roman says:

    Why doesn't he understand the amount of profit involved in renewable energy ?

  5. whykhr says:

    Big Oil is behind the wind & solar scam. They've been pushing their wind & solar bait-and-switch scam since 1972 when they started their "Solar NOT Nuclear" campaign. But of course no NPPs were replaced with solar, they were replaced with Big Oil's dirty, carcinogenic fracked NG special. Big Oil's energy plan for the world is to replace coal & nuclear with Gas or LNG greenwashed by wind & solar. 80% Gas/20% wind/solar. With unlimited cash they buy all the media, politicians, pseudo-environmental groups like Greenpeace ($400M/yr), institutions & regulators in order to promote their energy scam. For every NPP they can shutdown or prevent from being built they earn ~$60B in increased NG & LNG sales. Even more considering NG price inflation. And anyone who knows energy knows very well gas is the very best and most economical match for fluctuating wind & solar, which is why Big Oil loves wind and solar. As Shell Oil stated: " Wind and Solar are the Dancing Partners for our Natural Gas" .

    Wind cannot avoid their intimate & inescapable brotherhood with Big Oil, as big renewable proponent Robert Kennedy Jr stated:

    “…For all of these big utility scale power plants, whether it’s wind or solar, everybody is looking at gas as the supplementary fuel. The plants that we’re building, the wind plants and the solar plants are gas plants….”

    Try explaining all these deal breaker problems with wind & solar away:

    Extreme low EROI (Energy Return on Invested) of wind & solar. Ferroni found a full lifecyle EROI for Switzerland in Solar PV of 0.82:1. Onshore wind has an EROI of 16:1, but with basic one day storage that declines to 3.9:1. Solar in a moderate climate is just a new-fangled way to burn fossil fuels. You need a minimum EROI of 14:1 to run a modern industrial civilization with health care, education, arts & culture, transportation, military, legal system, pensions.

    Extreme seasonal variation of wind & solar. i.e. Britain, Germany, Canada, Russia many places 6:1 ratio summer: winter months. With energy demand max in winter. No known storage method to compensate for that. As well as much larger weekly and monthly variations, and wind & solar being typical minimum during cold winter spells when demand is max, wind typically is min during hot summer heat spells when demand is max, and all of wind, solar & hydro peak together in spring when demand is min. That is energy inefficiency on steroids. There is no storage available for those major variations. And solar is min during nighttime when EVs are charging. These vast wind & solar variations mean one thing and one thing only, you guessed it, burn more Fossil Fuels, fight more Oil Wars, Gas Pipeline Wars and Petrodollar Wars.

    High cost of wind & solar. Easily 2-10X the cost of factory built molten salt reactors. Not economically feasible. It would collapse our economy. Even the wealthiest nation in Europe, failed miserably, whereas France succeeded in 25 yrs with ancient one-at-a-time build nuclear.

    Fact that wind & solar only replaces a bit of natural gas fuel worth 2 cents/kwh in USA & Canada. Does not replace any fossil infrastructure. In fact adds infrastructure (i.e. storage, long distance transmission, grid stability batteries).

    Extreme geographic unsuitability of wind & solar. Solar is pathetic in the north, rainy & cloudy areas, mountainous areas. Wind is pathetic in vast regions.

    Extreme land use of wind & solar, easily over 50X more than nuclear, many areas do not have sufficient underutilized land areas of that magnitude.

    Extreme transmission cost of wind & solar. Wind transmission must be oversized by ~3x, solar by 5-10X. More than 300km transmission costs as much as a NPP of similar size.

    Necessity for storage just to cover daily variation pushes solar & wind costs sky high, far above nuclear, and forces EROI so low it is really just another way to burn fossil. Storage for weekly, monthly and seasonal variation is unavailable.

    Extreme difficulty of wind & solar to supply the 63% of the world's energy supply that is thermal energy (not incl electricity primary energy), hasn't even made a remote dent in that segment.

    Extreme vulnerability of wind & solar to climate change, windy & sunny areas will shift causing extreme & disastrous changes in energy supply, which we are already seeing in hydro plants built where there was once plenty of rainfall, and now experiencing decades of drought. The Jet Stream position is strongly affected by the reduced polar to equatorial temperature differential caused by climate change.

    Extreme vulnerability of wind & solar to materials shortages. Solar uses 84X the material inputs per kwh as nuclear. Wind uses over 50X the steel & copper, 34X the concrete of current nuclear, much more than that for Molten Salt reactors. It is extremely dubious we will have sufficient copper & rare earth elements to supply what wind & solar would need. Add storage to the equation and there is no chance we will have the materials needed. And you still need the vast materials to maintain a fossil fuel backup energy supply, all the supply chains going all the way to Middle East Oil fields and military protection.

    The mammoth waste problem of wind and solar. Wind turbines only last 8-20yrs. Solar 10-25 yrs. A solar PV powered world would generate 63 thousand X the waste of a nuclear powered world. Even at 0.15% of world energy, solar PV is already causing huge piles of solar panels that we have no capability to dispose of or recycle properly.

    The extreme difficulty of ramping up Wind & Solar. Note severe material requirements above. Nuclear build-rates have historically been minimum 4X faster than wind's maximum and 10X faster than Solar's fastest 4 year build rate period. In spite of the massive subsidies wind & solar have gotten compared to nuclear, per unit energy generated. Wind is 17X and Solar is 140X higher subsidies per kwh than for Nuclear. That's just US federal and doesn't include all the vast state & local subsidies. And that's just one-at-time nuclear construction, not modern factory built molten salt reactors. After spending over $2 trillion, solar and wind are only up to 0.7% of world energy supply, with world energy increasing by 1%/yr and most of the current installed solar & wind will have to be replaced in the next 10-15yrs.

    To add misery to madness all the wind or solar is doing is replacing a bit of natural gas fuel, worth 2 cents/kwh in the US, with cycling inefficiencies taken into account really only replacing 1.2-1.6 cents/kwh while they are paying 6 to 80 cents/kwh, not including large additional subsidies like 3X oversized transmission, grid stability batteries, curtailments, increased gas generation & supply costs, increased baseload generation costs, cycling fuel loss costs, low & even negative pricing losses of surplus wind (power when you don’t want it), high price imports when wind is low (no power when you want it), increased gas heating costs and horrendously expensive energy storage costs. And with no fuel supply diversity, you are extraordinarily vulnerable to a natural gas supply shortage, vulnerable in both heat & electricity, a disaster waiting to happen.

  6. Allard Freichmann says:

    Time for national strike or sick leave.

  7. Kurt.Dk-55 says:

    Here in Denmark we get a tax-deduction for putting solar on our own private houses. And we have a center-right government at the moment!!

  8. SanFranGirl1982 says:

    I need to buy stock in renewable energy businesses overseas.

  9. David Lazarus says:

    Individuals can retaliate by getting the most efficient appliances and slashing their energy bills. Starve the energy companies of money. My annual electric bill is less than 3% of a typical American household of 11700 KWh pa. I am also using less than 10% of my own country’s average household consumption. It can be done.

  10. Rock the Vote says:

    Good Gawd – will it never end?

  11. GameAddict51 says:

    If congress slapped down Trump’s desired cuts last year, is it possible they will they do the same this year? (for once doing something decent) It’s one thing if they aren’t going to make renewable energy a priority at all. It’s another thing if they are going to actively try to prevent it from happening.

  12. Kenneth Nash says:

    Make America Go Back to 18th century.

  13. mr patrick says:

    Koch Chemical Industry will spend $20M Fossil Fuel Propaganda in 2018.

  14. arkinyte13 says:

    This is moronic, come on Republicans!! I know a lot of you don’t think climate change is real, fine, but you guys always scream about jobs, and here’s your guy destroying all these good solar jobs.

  15. Mr. White says:

    the fucker (trump) said "beautiful clean coal" in his weak ass speech the other day ..

  16. Stephen Brown says:

    we are now biggest producer of crude money money.

  17. PINKY PONY says:

    i once had a fish tank..i was lazy and stupid……..i never cleaned the tank….never changed the water…….never replaced the filter…….and rarely fed the fish… day i noticed that the tank was only 3 inches deep …….green……and smelled like dead fish.~~~ DONALD TRUMP.

  18. Solexx X says:

    Little Donny Tiny Hands is a moron. He is killing renewable energy jobs and that will destroy the republican party. Woo Hoo!

  19. Sandra Currier says:

    Why he do almost Exactly what shouldnt be done!?

  20. Samuel Hornet Wolf says:

    He's an animal a criminal, and doesn't care about our planet earth…

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