Trump Admin Adds New Tax on…Imported Solar Panels

–President Trump imposes a thirty percent tax on imported solar panels which will have none of the intended consequences, and plenty of negative ones

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Broadcast on January 25, 2018
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20 Responses to Trump Admin Adds New Tax on…Imported Solar Panels

  1. Dale Ray says:

    This is merely another example of where "The Tax breaks" benefit, will be squandered away. TRUMP is a Parasite, who knows/cares nothing of solid Economic Principle. EXPECT an Era of crushing Inflation upon a Workforce long accustom to Wage suppression! As We all have been distracted, Brent Crude has "topped" $70 a Barrel, up 20%……….surprise, surprise! The DOLLAR will continue it's slide, while Inflation will glide! Worse, will win!…….BUY SILVER AND GOLD, now!

  2. Zombie vampires says:

    it's only about changing our energy to renewables as FAST as possible. The only way to do that without hurting our economy is to do it CHEAP. Who cares where the panels are made as long as we do it before we are all cooked by co2. Coal particulates kill people and cause increases in health premiums. This policy costs jobs, lives and economic growth. Trump is a traitor and should be jailed

  3. Marchant2 says:

    Donald DUMP is a fucking idiot!  Vote in 2018, and push aside any purity test you may have.  Right now the goal is to get this asshole impeached.

  4. Raynald Chatillon says:

    I wonder if his crap from China is going to be hit with 30% import tax.??

  5. meh757 says:

    hey rupublitards what happened to being the party of small govt

  6. Inazuma65 says:

    Some people just want to see the world burn.

  7. Boo ! says:

    perhaps its about the impact on world gas and oil prices, not domestic jobs – helooo Vladimir….

  8. Lewis Tewhaiti says:

    Well why doesn't Trump have open windows on his inner city buildings, then he can enjoy all of the oil by-products created by his oil gulping friends.

  9. Mr Useless says:


  10. Robert Gaines says:

    Does Trump really glow a reddish-orange, or is the color in that picture just over saturated? You know, I am willing to believe that that reddish-orange glow is how Trump normally looks. It would be what you would expect from the Devil after all! …a stupid, ignorant devil at that.

  11. Phyllis Cummingham says:

    Ban all green energy

  12. Harry Dirtay says:

    Who fought against the american solar industry for decades with government strong arming and legislative hurdles and punishing residents for installing solar, taxing them for connecting to the grid, Oh god that's right Republicans.

  13. Garry Cole says:

    When has a lack of competition drove innovation? In 10 years, the rest of the world will be manufacturing more efficient panels and selling them cheaper than we can even make them. The oligarchs won't care because they already made their money selling coal to the U.S.

  14. Harry Dirtay says:

    Seriously, If Republicans wanted to do something to bolster the American Solar Industry they should have started decades ago instead of hamstringing the industry to benefit their choice investors.

  15. Harry Dirtay says:

    What about textiles? or foreign real estate investments?

  16. Earl Jackson says:

    GOOD NEWS!!! Solar panels are what liberal moonbats want, we need more taxes on liberal crap and less on oil.

  17. Groucho Marxism says:

    In related news – Today, Donald Trump imposed a tax of 100% on electric light bulbs, in order to aid the dying American candle industry.
    Film at 11.

  18. MegaZeroBlues says:

    One thing David didn't mention is that American made solar panels can only cover about 15 percent of the markets needs. So installers will buy all the American panels, then the supply will run out and they will have to start buying imports again. So in effect the only thing this has done is raised prices on solar panels.

  19. Martin Kenealy says:

    Who cares if it is a U.S. chartered company or not producing the panels here? They have to employ American workers (unless they use the H1B visa scam) and pay U.S. income taxes. U.S. chartered multinationals aren't really U.S. companies anyway…..most of their employees are elsewhere, the barely pay any U.S. corporate tax and 35% of their shares are held by foreigners (mostly very wealthy ones).

  20. Martin Kenealy says:

    Finally, something done right. Now all we need is increased subsidies for solar to make up for the higher cost of American made.

    Chinese solar panel manufacturing is heavily government subsidized. We only subsidize our solar industry to the tune of $5 billion per year. If we were to cancel all $20 million in fossil fuel subsidies and apply that to solar, that would way more than offset the higher cost of American vs Chinese made….The average residential solar system costs $11,000 after installation and current subsidies, $20 billion more would, theoretically, cover an additional $5,000 discount in price for 4 million homes per year.

    A $25 per ton tax on carbon would raise $200 billion per year……..theoretically enough for a free $11,000 solar system for 18 million houses per year. There are currently 75 million occupied houses in the U.S. so in about 4 years they could all have American made solar panels and batteries (theoretically).

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