The Truth About Solar

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For a long time, solar power has been very much hated from a cost-benefit standpoint but things are starting to turn around for the technology. Around the world, progress is being made to make solar power a viable alternative.

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Top 10 Countries Using Solar Power

Saule Technologies:

Experts Asserts That, Soon, The Price of Solar Power Will Rival That of Coal

Various Disadvantages of Solar Energy

MIT Is Building 3D Solar Towers, and So Far They Have Achieved Phenomenal Results


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20 Responses to The Truth About Solar

  1. Dave Cason says:

    Fluff piece and in the first 5 mins you quote figures and numbers with NO reference. With out credible sourced facts and numbers this whole story is suspect – crap internet fluff – sorry try again!

  2. BunzeeBear says:

    Another downside to solar…it takes up land which could be used to grow food instead. Plants that need direct sunlight. IMO

  3. Keith McMahan says:

    What about geothermal ?

  4. William Chao says:

    Can we buy those dirt cheap Chinese solar panel now?

  5. Harry Rugenbrink says:

    You forgot to report the pollution and energy for the production of solar cells. Good voor for the wallet but for the planet ?

  6. Roger Froud says:

    However good Solar is, the limiting factor is the energy density at the earths surface. In hot places that's reasonable, but elsewhere it is very low. It's useful to some degree, but will never provide lots of excess energy.

    A far better option would be to bring this much denser energy resource to fruition.

  7. rich t mason says:

    would holographic solar panels be possible?

  8. Daze Off says:

    People have to be much more positive and less negative

  9. Aaron ___ says:

    how do you research video topics?

  10. Sue Hartman says:

    As solar becomes more economical, humanity could go through a paradigm change that is very easy…shifting our power demands to day time. With the advent of smart home technology, it’s easy to time our energy consumption to the daytime hours…running our appliances while we are out at school or work. Human health would likely benefit from less light pollution as our consciousness about living with the natural cycles becomes more normal. Imagine people sleeping more (the only time the body heals itself, including scanning for cells with DNA damage and auto-digesting them. During sleep is when our body rides itself of cancer cells.)
    One easy way to facilitate a shift in the use of electricity is to have lower electric rates during the day and much higher rates during the night.

  11. Rawdiswar says:

    LFTR Nuclear technology is the way of the future.

  12. Raul O. says:

    Is it really going to be free when they start charging us to use the energy they’ve stored up?

  13. The TruthTeller says:

    What about the biggest solar power in the world in Morocco, freaking shit racist, I am quitting your shit channel

  14. Silent Winners says:

    Really appreciate your efforts looking forward to meet you. I'll come to Australia in 2020

  15. Eric Debord says:

    Propaganda bullshit.
    Half this story is bullshit.
    You didn't talk about the initial expense of the hardware, maintaince and replacement.
    None of this was figured into any of price of energy.
    There was no zero cost of energy because even if solar made all the energy needed but it still has to pay for itself and it doesn't.

  16. Ken Soo says:

    What ever happened to the wide light band solar cells that promised 24 hour charging from solar infrared

  17. Josip Matić says:

    Greate video. Can you talk maybe about solar heating of houses?!

  18. Bill Gates says:

    My 10kW solar system was powered up a couple of months ago (October 2017). It's only a couple of months old, but I'm already benefiting. I had a 10kW LIon battery installed along with the system strictly to be used as backup. I use the grid as a "battery" to store any excess I create and use that excess during the evening hours. If the power does go out though, I have a few circuits in the house segmented off to be powered by the battery.

    I just don't get the negative feedback. With the inclusion of my very own power plant, my total daily cost to live in my home comes in at around 7 bucks. I may starve to death, but I'll have cold beer to drink, plenty of television to watch, and will be very comfortable during my starvation period. (that's a joke).

    If freedom is really something that matters to people, why then would some begrudge those looking for a little bit of freedom? That always makes me curious. I suppose we're really only free to do what other people feel we should be free to do. As long as our opinions coincide with theirs, we should be a-okay.

    I really didn't consider the environment when I made my decision. It was simply an investment toward my retirement. I'm very happy to be "green", but I am no hippie. I'm neither a hippie or greedy. Just a guy looking out for himself and his family.

  19. Archer V. says:

    chile have a desert. and the best desert on the planet. chile is unique! for solar energy…they can!.

  20. Videogamearcade says:

    Change the narrator and I will watch your uploads and subscribe …

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