The Solar System — our home in space

An Infographic trip through the wonders of the solar system.

The solar system – well known from countless documentaries. 3D animation on black background. This infographic videos tries something different. Animated infographics and a focus on minimalistic design puts the information up front. We take the viewer on a trip through the solar system, visiting planets, asteroids and the sun.

Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, the Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science.

The Solar System — our home in space

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20 Responses to The Solar System — our home in space

  1. Hunter James says:

    “Neptune is the last plan” me clicks off video throws phone across the room sits in corner holding a mini Pluto : “it’s okay the just don’t understand you everything will be okay “ 😭😭😭😭

  2. Izaiah Flores says:

    Remember the uranus jokes in junior high? Nostalgia…

  3. Rasyid Baisa says:

    Ur ANUS is giant

  4. Pixelers says:

    "ur anus"..

  5. Tiffani Lockhart says:

    Neptune is the smaller thin Uranus

  6. KyloPrime says:

    Pluto is still a planet; unfortunately, I’m in denial

  7. harshad3344 says:

    Please do a similar video about the Milky Way!
    Thank you!

  8. jesswojmw says:

    Gotta love that feeling of existential crisis at the end…

  9. Gabriel Pereira says:

    U forgets The Planet Nine

  10. Luiz Vieira Pinto Neto says:

    I dont have maturity to hear the name of the 7th planet without showing that childish laught.

  11. Grimm Daffobsy says:

    Uranus can NEVER BE HOT!

  12. Jomari Celis says:

    I also have a gas giant, it's "Myanus"

  13. Shubham Mk says:

    I demand Pluto back!

  14. 「That Tank Guy」 says:

    It's UR-IN-IS. Not UR-ANUS

  15. Ben Shmia says:

    “The spécial thing about Uranus” there is a lot of special things about my anus

  16. Henry Mallory says:

    Pluto the best planet and I love you Pluto

  17. Not inputed says:


  18. Roblox Player 123 says:

    Stop bullying Uranus

  19. K1Dom Playz says:

    Neptune is larger than uranus

  20. Sebastian dare P. Ramirez says:

    Uranus is pronounced (Ur-in-us) Or (U-Ra-nus)

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