The Future Of Renewable Energy – Puerto Rico

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20 Responses to The Future Of Renewable Energy – Puerto Rico

  1. rohanedmonson says:

    I've never heard of you before, but I'm going to subscribe off the strength of this video.

  2. Johnny Rutz says:

    Great work guys

  3. Emanuel Sanchez says:

    Hola mi nombre es Emanuel soy de Luquillo Puerto Rico muchas muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Yo soy uno q los q todavia hoy no tenemos energía eléctrica en la casa en la urbanización donde vivo hay energía desde hace 2 meses pero el transformador d mi calle se daño en el huracán y por eso no tenemos luz. Pero gracias a Dios en casa de mi mama hay energía y estamos viviendo por a hora bien. De nuevo muchas gracias Dios t bendice.

  4. Johnny V says:

    Wanted to know if wind turbine for generating electricity was also considered for Puerto Rico too on top of solar?

  5. silverballs007 says:

    Great job…. Thanks

  6. pyronmasters says:

    Hey Jehu, Love the solar generators you built for for the Hurricane victims. I had to use my cars battery with a UPS for my dad's Sleep machine 25w for 9-10 hours, but the battery's no longer holding up, since I can't afford the 18650 cells, can I use 6 12v 8ah UPS batteries in pararel instead? According to renogy solar calculator I need 12v 41ah, I Just wanna have an emergency backup for the sleep machine, a 12w tv and maybe a couple of 9w leds, I have a 250w panel(no Idea where it flew from during Hurricane Maria) a 20a pmw controller and a 150w inverter. Are those sealed batteries safe for this application?

  7. Dennis Castro says:

    Thanks for the help im form PR big fan if i now you was coming here would like to have meet you

  8. The 714 Formula says:

    I would like to go with you for the 100 deployment. I have family in Puerto Rico

  9. The 714 Formula says:

    When can we meet?

  10. Nancy Pagan says:

    Thank you. For the unbiased reporting and help we need more people like you informing the mass of what can be done again Thank you.

  11. Sergio Amata says:

    Thank you for everything you do!

  12. Antonio Borges says:

    Jehu Thanks For visitando a Puerto Rico trabajo💥

  13. wilson olivera says:

    Thanks for visiting my island and for your kindness and support you gave us. We are strong here in PR. Dios te bendiga. ✌️

  14. Arturo Guerra-Mondragon says:

    Solar Paint makes a lot of sense. You can make practically any surface into a solar panel. Also look up it is a treasure trove on renewables. Don't let the warnings scare you off. Big oil and others don't want this information to go mainstream!

  15. Pedro Rivera says:

    Thank you for visiting us and bringing help. I hope you come back.
    Pedro I. Rivera Nieves
    Arecibo, Puerto Rico

  16. Rory Gilchrist says:

    nice work thank you for telling this story!!

  17. latinoheatariel says:

    Puerto Rico is too beautiful to be in the dark. 🇵🇷

  18. Rob F says:

    It's a nice Tesla propaganda video.. first class.

  19. A V says:

    Jehugarcia, you are an example to the rest of us. I am going to watch all your videos and see how i can learn to make a power wall for my house. You are a fantastic inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  20. Screw The Net says:

    The chief technology office of one of puerto ricos solar installation group…was without power for 3 months? Hmmm. Strange. HElping the people out, bravo. PE@CE ^~^

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