The Future of Renewable Energy: Piezoelectricity | Akshat Kothari | TEDxYouth@RWADubai

The Future of Renewable Energy: Piezoelectricity

Akshat Kothari, 16, Dubai International Academy

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20 Responses to The Future of Renewable Energy: Piezoelectricity | Akshat Kothari | TEDxYouth@RWADubai

  1. Danny Rathod says:

    I think it's batter to have some energy then having nothing. I'm sure the data he gave is wrong but it's topic of my project about the piezo electricity that's why i watched this talk but I don't how he stored the electricity. is there battery or power bank or what??.if any one know answer pls help me about this one.

  2. Khanjan Mehta says:

    he is a foolish kid imagine if Piezoelectricity is made underwater…as at depths of mere 500 metres…

  3. Hemraj Chaudhary says:

    these piezoelectric material can be used in suspension system of the car which absorb the vibration & convert them into the piezoelectricty but it is not efficient, the electricity will produced in micro volt amount thats the major disadvantage of this. I have done this experiment & further working on it to improve. if anyone has any good idea to improve it, suggest me please.

  4. Filipe N. says:

    whats the name of music in the beggining of the video?

  5. Average one says:

    Bro, what about the energy required to produce such a massive amount of piezo-electric devices at factories?

  6. lasarith2 says:

    My math may be wrong,

    but I believe he would only get Approx 15KN of force on any piezoelectric device /second embedded in the road probably much less due to the surface area of the tires contact and time of the car on the piezoelectric device and the weight spread across the entire car,
    This is a guess but anywhere between 5000-50000 volts for however long the tires contact the piezoelectric 1/27th of Second .

  7. Kushagra Dixit says:

    The level of cringe is too damn high !!

  8. Alex Kostko says:

    rather reclaiming back the energy towards higher efficiency. There are way better ways of harnessing electricity using piezomaterials but nobody wants to bring them up, forsome reason.

  9. Neg Lewis says:

    5:35 – did this guy sneezed inside him? Genius !!! :)))

  10. Tadesan says:

    This person is not familiar with thermodynamics​. systems like this would simply be diverting energy from some other system; with an enormous efficiency penalty. your car would burn more fuel. walking would be more fatiguing.

  11. Tadesan says:

    "Too scientific for you?" No.



  13. Max Amps says:

    what is that tones on the very first part on the video. I heard it radio earlier today.

  14. Iman Iz says:

    Not a good Ted talk, Ted talks are different! Not connected with people, Not scientific!

  15. Władca Wymiaru says:

    This guy was genius…

  16. Samuel Siregar says:

    How come he calculated 150000Newton ? Is it possible to make a car running 100m/s in 1 second ?

  17. Avaneesh Yadav says:

    Bitch is repeating what we already know

  18. Simon Mahns says:

    no way your shoe could charge your phone even to 50% in a few hours

  19. Jeremiah Acebedo says:

    his joke was so trash that no one laughed

  20. Alexandros Zavros says:

    why not making the roads like this in order to save the energy in a central battery bank in the neighborhood so every car and everything that moves gives back energy. Bad the goverments has to aggree and do it 😛 , so personal system is fine but a massive would be more efficient if possible to be done 🙂

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