The Biggest Off Grid Solar Array Power System Ever Made!!! 17,500 Watts Of Solar!!!!!!!!!!

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20 Responses to The Biggest Off Grid Solar Array Power System Ever Made!!! 17,500 Watts Of Solar!!!!!!!!!!

  1. BX BMBR says:

    17000 Watts=1.7kw

  2. Randall SlonakerII says:

    3.5 mw in hanover Pennsylvania snyders-lance snacks plant. and thats not even the biggest in the state but its a beautiful site i pass a few times a week. Also 631kw grid tied solar setup used for flee market and antiques in the area. Only a few miles away from the first site!

  3. Eric Schweickert says:

    My company installed a 232 kw stand alone solar power system on the island of Over Yonder Cay along with 3 wind generators .

  4. tmcdon4ld says:

    seems like something similar to solendra panels could be done with the flexible panels that are being produced. Maybe larger tubes.
    something like this

  5. G00gleable says:

    7.5KW isn't that big of a system! you said 55,000 watts battery then you said it's 10KW just remember every 1000 watt is 1 KW

  6. Abram Peters says:


  7. Solarguy Bahamas says:

    Sorry…24 KW Inverted Power is our standard system and our residential PV system are as large as 75 KW. 140 KWh is our standard battery bank and we have gone up to 420 KWh for a single residence. We power up to 30 tons of central AC

  8. Valeera says:

    mines a 17,501 watt

  9. Albert Einstein says:

    he lets the weeds grow covering the panel and that close to the ground what a bad install

  10. George Knowles says:

    Glad you did make a video of them "Solyndra" element looking solar panels, first i have heard about them!! Sounds like they had it made and lost it for some unknown reason!!

  11. James Norris says:

    Get to the point. We didn't click this for dumb shit.

  12. Redblower says:

    What a mess of junk to hook it all up.

    Look at an SMA Sunny Island wirh ac coupled SMA5000TL inverters.

    makes this setup look like an escapee from a kindergarten hobby shop.

    really…what a mess…I would remove the video…from shame.

  13. James Y. Welch says:

    This is a very useful for understanding and planning out an off grid solar system. It uses great examples to explain the basic electrical concepts you need to know. All of the components of a complete system are covered, including practical tips and opinions.

  14. Watcher 1 says:

    Money was not the problem for solyndra. They had 535 million from the Dept of Energy. Between 2009 and mid-2011 the price of polysilicon, the key ingredient for most competing technologies, dropped by about 89%. This precipitous drop in the cost of raw materials for Solyndra's competitors rendered CIGS technology incapable of competing.

  15. kevin bennett says:

    my guess at least 100,000

  16. cZJRE211 says:

    all that to produce $2.04 per day worth of power.

  17. cZJRE211 says:

    wow I want to know the cost

  18. Linus Thunderhorse says:

    Run some chickens around those ground panels. Free eggs or meat and free weed control 🙂

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