Tesla’s Plan for a Global Shift to Renewable Energy? Gigafactory Model 3 Solar Tiles & Semi Truck

Will Tesla Dominate the Renewable Energy Market? Elon Musk’s Master Plan involves The Tesla Gigafactory, The Tesla PowerWall 2 The Tesla Model 3 EV Car, The Tesla Electric Semi Truck, & Tesla Solar Roof Tiles.

And will Tesla be the First Trillion Dollar Company? That’s the Trillion Dollar Question.

We walk through how Elon Musk & Tesla’s Master Plan & the Newest Tesla Mission Statement, might come together over the next few years to make that happen.

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20 Responses to Tesla’s Plan for a Global Shift to Renewable Energy? Gigafactory Model 3 Solar Tiles & Semi Truck

  1. Two Bit da Vinci says:

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  2. Salvator Mundi says:

    Is each giga factory reliant on being hooked to the power grid ?

  3. EccentricaGallumbits says:

    I'd really like to know if Tesla will start using the new solid state battery (aka glass battery). Fisker car company has announced it will use it in its first car, starting 2019. The advantages of the solid state battery are 1) no explosion/fire potential, due to no liquid electrolyte, 2) terrifically fast charging, due to no dendrite formation, and 3) double(?) the energy density. Maybe you guys could do a video about this possibility? Thank you!
    And PS — Is it possible that I'm the first trekkie to tell you that transparent aluminum actually exists, in the form of Aluminum Oxynitride? (I mean, Scotty did bring it to us way back in the '80s after all.) It's used for military-grade bulletproof glass and cellphone glass. Cheers! <3 <3

  4. Yaboku Last says:

    I think Tesla will become top 5 largest company.

  5. IntenseNetwork says:

    I hope tesla will be the first trillion dollar company

  6. David Beppler says:

    You can buy Tiny Homes with solar built in that are designed to be off the grid. Very cool stuff.

  7. Gary Bowen says:

    I’m burned out on yadda yadda being better than fossil fuel.

    Old … we know this.

    How about doing a video about the major powers of the world competing for valuable minerals. Mining for dollars. Copper lets say, over a mile of copper wiring in one Fiat 500e! Guess what? Shortage in the world. Look up how copper is mined.

    Identify every material thing from infrastructure to desks computers even the socks everybody wears needs FIRE to make.

    The Nations fuel/oil use on highways is only about 30%…

    Define forensics… to each earthly mineral needed to go into all machinery, every screw, panel, seat cover, etc etc. ALL must be somehow removed from our earth and created into something we can sell.

    Are you young people preparing yourselves to fight for it?

    Die for it?

    Expand your minds into what the worlds leaders are stradegyizing to secure their guarantee to such access to the worlds valuable limited mineral supply well into the future.

    Riches. I listen to highly regarded spokesperson/s regard future competitive run for the money. Get away from the feel good as it matters not, unless folks chose to take the Snowflake Path of least resistance and pain.

  8. Robert Astbury says:

    What about Elon’s master plan? Imagine how spacex will be supplying asteroid belt material for gigafactories in the future, plus boring company let Tesla’s travel underground without traffic. Computer control with neutral link direct brain interface. And super speed transport via vacuum trains hyperloop. So will Elon be the king of power and transportation? I think so

  9. omkar jante says:

    So informative and good discussion. thumbs up guys. Keep doing.

  10. Brian Johnson says:

    Great video. I am a numbers guy. Please make a video on all the numbers relating to EVs. For example, what is the current price of electric batteries? How fast are prices coming down? At what point does battery cost make ICE obsolete? I have looked at the numbers and we are not far off and then you might want to cover in detail the supply chain volume of Li batteries now and in the future. Throw some data out there.

    You guys painted a great over all picture. You can make a detailed video on each of the topics you covered.

    Note: There are quite a few people building their own EVs at home. I think you are correct in saying, there may be many future new EV car companies.

  11. trancextend says:

    Yes! I love the ideas!! So I’m going to do my best for to contribute to green energy. I calculated the cost. It pays for it self. I spend 200+ gas a month. That is 2400 a year. Put that on a regular pay plan and Tesla has paid your gas and car for 15 years. Long term plan.
    😊 makes me think.

  12. Brian Brewster says:

    Teslas (EVs) are way overpriced and still butt ugly! Where's the fancy styling? You'd be better converting an old, stylish racer into an e-car and still save a bundle of money. Tesla will never be a trillion-dollar industry because they own much in terms of electric infrastructure. And Musk's attempts of breaking into the EV market with his solar shingles and solar wall are not catching on. His Hyperloop is a vastly hyped up tech terribly flawed at its core. Then his Space X rocket plans are literally out of this world. If Musk keeps jumping around, trying to get all these tech companies ramped up he will very soon overextend himself financially. 95% of what Musk produces is for the rich folks. And rich folks don't control market share. He needs to make his goods affordable to the masses, not the elite if he has any chance of becoming a trillionaire.

  13. Mitchell Hagerty says:

    Really great video guys!!

    For me much of Tesla's appeal is the ambition and willingness to buck the system instead of the approach of just milking the status quo and lobbying the government to water down or just stop any progress through regulation. They just bypassed all of that. There is a palpable sense of how sick people are getting of the auto and fossil fuel industry and its BS. There are simpler, cleaner, and more economical ways to do this and the only limitation is the will to do it. It truely is amazing what Tesla are doing.

    I really want an electric or hybrid as a 2nd car for school/shop runs (less than 10 minutes drives) which is mostly what we use the 2nd car for. Unplug from house, drive kids to school, plug back in. Right now I like the VM Golf TDE with its 35 mile battery range which would be perfect but I wish VW or Ford or somebody would just do a basic standard 5 door hatchback with Plug-in electric hybrid.

    The American south and especially southwest are ideal for the Solar/Power Wall Scenario. Not sure how well the economics of it would work out in northern states?

    Boom you went from 1k to 4k quick!!

  14. Federic Rodz says:


  15. Randell Hayes says:

    I don't think oil refineries will offer car charges, but I don't think they will be around long enough to worry about them.ha

  16. Shubham Rapartiwar says:

    Energy Density video!!!

  17. Tom Mantek says:

    Excellent video and what I enjoy watching/listening from you guys!

  18. Thru Art says:

    So besides being an amazingly comprehensive history lesson on tesla, New tesla car user guide etc etc etc I want to know about those amazing graphics!!! Do tell!

  19. Butch S says:

    A reason I didn't buy a Tesla is the time spent at charging stations.

  20. Michael Mara says:

    Nicely done video. Thanks guys! You got another subscriber.

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