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This turbine can harvest green energy slow moving water

A Canadian company has designed a water turbine which can harvest energy in slow moving water. “Waterotor” can work in currents as slow as 2 mph which means it could be used in almost any river, canal, or ocean current. The company believe that “Waterotor” could be the solution for many of the world’s 1.3

New Wind Turbine Technologies renewable energy

by D.H. Parks

New Wind Turbine addition to Solar Power System

No more flat batteries during the winter courtesy of my new wind turbine. by PeterThoeny

Urban Green Energy 4 kW -Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This is a new 4 kw vertical axis wind turbine from Urban Green Energy. It has a low start up speed with a fairly large swept area. This one is on the ground which demonstrates the use of this as a possibility for a mobile generator. CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe shows us how Europe’s new

Inside a Car Alternator Green Energy Generator Brush Reinsertion for wind turbine RPM

Brush Reinsertion trick. Many people wonder why free car alternators off the shelf are not used for wind turbine electrical generation. The Windings are very thick wire limiting the amount of wire turns per coil around the stator. Car engines have a lot of torque and idle RPM. The pulley on car alternators are usually