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Passive solar glass home: feng shui in North Carolina

A passive solar dream house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “Until you live in a glass house I don’t think you notice as much how the sun moves,” explains homeowner Cliff Butler. “We see it move daily.” Video Rating: / 5 by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Building A Passive Solar House in the Sub-Arctic

The Grunaus are building a super low-energy home in Fairbanks that uses solar, biomass, thermal storage, and a super-insulated shell to go entirely off fossil fuels for heating–a very new idea in this climate. This house embodies many of the principles that the Cold Climate Housing Research Center has researched and demonstrated, such as a

Sustainable Off-Grid Home Design – DIY energy efficient green passive solar and affordable!

We showcase a few homes we have designed and the sustainable green building techniques that we will be applying. These projects are still in planning and initial design phases and we will be adding other off-grid strategies for your homestead dwellings in the future. This home has net-zero potential and will implement a passive solar

Passive Solar Simplified 6; Case study of a truly green home

Video Part 6 of 6: a passive solar home addition and remodel case study in Denver, Colorado Architect Thomas Doerr shows just what you need to know about passive solar home design to save over 80% of your home’s heating and cooling bills. You will learn what you need to do to take advantage of

Earth Bermed – ICF – Passive Solar House Video.wmv

This video shows a newly built passive solar house in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Three bedrooms, one bath, bungalow on slab, 1218 square feet. Earth bermed on West/North side, oriented front to South for solar gain, and ICF (insulated concreted foundation up to rafters), and steel roof. Also have a Greentek HVR system in place