Sustainable Off-Grid Home Design – DIY energy efficient green passive solar and affordable!

We showcase a few homes we have designed and the sustainable green building techniques that we will be applying. These projects are still in planning and initial design phases and we will be adding other off-grid strategies for your homestead dwellings in the future. This home has net-zero potential and will implement a passive solar design strategy.

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20 Responses to Sustainable Off-Grid Home Design – DIY energy efficient green passive solar and affordable!

  1. Ron Powell says:

    Direct winter sun in south facing windows can be really bright. I have heavy duty window screens (for cats) that also provide coolness in the summer on the outside of the window and heat for the winter on the inside of the window. There is not a way to attach them when they are on the inside but it's not hard to get them to stay in place. The amount of radiant heat they provide when they are on the inside is incredible!

  2. Chaz Spellman says:

    Just stumbled onto your channel. Subbing after one video! Do you do any private contracting to help design other's homes to meet their criteria?

  3. CmaxEnergi says:

    Did/are you building this home? I really like your floor plan. It's almost perfect for us. I'd like to know how the building is performing if you have built it.

  4. Clifford Trujillo says:

    * Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge, this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.[link here >>> ]*

  5. Jake Sheridan says:

    What is the reasoning for having the windows inset?

  6. Linda Spires says:

    I wish you were in North Carolina, I would love to have that home on my mountain…

  7. Kristina Beal says:

    This is the best video on the flooring and attic needs. Thank you! I got a lot of great ideas.

  8. BLUE RIVER says:

    What software program are you using?

  9. tim says:

    Great video. Wondering about your PV system – about what size system and where will the batteries/hardware be located?

  10. John Bronson says:

    thank you for sharing. Excellent work.

  11. Dona LeGrand says:

    I am retiring in a few years & have 10 acres of land in the country with a garden & orchard. I would like to build a 1500 to 2000 sqft net zero home with a south facing green house/room with a full walk out basement with ICF walls. I want the insulated, airtight ventilated air exchange passive home, with Geothermal heating & cooling. Concrete floors & counter tops, solar panel on the roof. I can not find a cost per square foot for this type of house. Any ideals?

  12. the green man says:

    id consider a masonry heater in place of the woodstove, initial build cost is higher, but time and cost of prepping firewood is cut in 4, or a self buit rocket stove is cheap to build and nearly as efficient, plus you get heated benches to lounge on in the winter.
    id also reccomend spending as much as you can afford on good quality windows, pref triple glazed, again high initial cost but over the years you would be amazed how much it makes a difference in your heating bill.

  13. Noe Flores says:

    Will it be a LEED Certified Home?

  14. Roofus Onna says:

    I live in the Southern hemisphere, and I was told not to put a window into a West facing wall because the westerly afternoon sun is more able to heat a house than the easterly morning sun.
    I was wondering why you placed a window in the West wall instead of the East.

    Thanks, Aini.

  15. codygillespie says:

    Im currently building one of these in missouri, framing just about done. This is my second build like this. Some things i would add from my research. To get the most square footage for the cheapest cost, two story is the way to go, foundations and roofs being the expensive part, minimize their size and build up. Obviously there are other considerations about 2 story vs ranch concerning ratio of glazing/mass area to the rest of the house, not optimum but still can be made to preform extremely well. I would not post frame the house, the savings from building like that (no foundation) dont apply here because your going to need a full foundation anyways. Just stick frame. The exterior wall can be stick framed at wider spacing, im doing mine on 4' centers. Housewrap on top that to hold in the insulation. Then strap those with girts every 2' on center to install your pole barn metal to. When doing girts instead of sheeting the house remember to add shear panels to the house somewhere, i put mine in the corners. Or pay a little more and just frame and sheet the exterior as typically done. Sounds like you might be further north than me as i design the windows to have no sun at all in the summer, 5' tall, 1.5' up to overhang, with 2.5' overhang. Doing everything myself on this one, from foundation to roof and everything in between for 1600 sqft interior space for $40-50K

  16. Kim Diana says:

    Thank you! Very informative.

  17. desenutz2012 says:

    so approximately how much would this cost?

  18. Aneita Seyfried says:

    In North America we really don't need a greenhouse design that has a "glass" or clear plexiglass roof because of how high the sun is in the summer. A regular roof with lots of windows on the south side works just as well for a greenhouse and heat gain in the winter and spring.

  19. Greatest Goals Ever says:

    thank you for sharing this amazing video

  20. 76trombonesjazz says:

    Is this a plan I could purchase? I've been looking plans like this and haven't found many that meet our needs as well as the one you are building.

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