Storing the Sun’s Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

Researchers have just found two new ways to make solar power more efficient. Could this solve our energy crisis?

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The American Solar Industry Had a Historic Year
“America’s solar industry is booming, showing its biggest growth ever in 2016, and it appears set to break additional records in the years ahead, according to a new industry report. The solar sector nearly doubled the amount of solar power installed last year compared to 2015, GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association said in their annual analysis of the US solar sector. Indeed, more solar power was added last year to the nation’s electricity grid than any other source of energy – a milestone for the burgeoning industry.”

Liquid storage of solar energy – more effective than ever before
“Many consider the sun the energy source of the future. But one challenge is that it is difficult to store solar energy and deliver the energy ‘on demand”. A research team from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, has shown that it is possible to convert the solar energy directly into energy stored in the bonds of a chemical fluid – a so-called molecular solar thermal system. The liquid chemical makes it possible to store and transport the stored solar energy and release it on demand, with full recovery of the storage medium.”

Make perovskite solar cells stable
“The hunt is on to find a cheap and safe solar-cell technology. Crystalline silicon is the basis for 90% of commercial photovoltaic devices, which use semiconductors to convert light into electricity. But silicon photovoltaics are still expensive to process, their manufacture produces toxic by-products and they are cumbersome to install. Perovskites could be a game-changer.”


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20 Responses to Storing the Sun’s Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

  1. MG50 says:

    Thorium Reactors – LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) and liquid molten salt reactor technology
    Look at nuclear energy WITHOUT all the emotional propaganda we have been fed, and you will find it causes less environmental and human health risks than many energy technologies, including the chemical wastes from solar cell production and the respiratory and carcinogenic effects of burning coal. Those issues are largely glossed over by antinuclear proponents, as is the real safety record IF REACTORS WERE CONSTRUCTED CORRECTLY. (Both Chernobyl and Fukashima failed to implement proper containment requirements.) Naturally, LFTR reactor designs are "walk away safe", automatically shutting down and dumping their cores into a catch chamber, killing the nuclear reaction, if power or control were lost. And nuclear reactors are "always on" 24/7/365 whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing… or not.
    Grand Solar Minimums (GSM) occur every 400 years or so. The last was called the Little Ice Age. The GSM is a period of very low solar output and the Earth gets colder for several decades, along with chaotic weather events as climate patterns shift. The heliosphere, the magnetic shield created by the solar magnetic field also appears to drop during a GSM, allowing increased cosmic rays to enter the solar system. We are entering one now, and effects are beginning to be apparent here and on other planets.
    Coincidentally (it seems) the Earth is going through a normal periodic magnetic field reversal. This happens periodically but far less often than solar periodic maximums and minimums (11 year solar maximums/minimum periods with 400 year Grand Solar Maximums/Minimums). All these are being recognized from recent correlation between the geologic record, ice core and sea/lake bed drilling analyses, tree ring analyses, and the fossil record, but only being pulled together in the last 15 years or so. This also means a reduced magnetosphere, the Earth's magnetic shield. A reduction in our local shield at the same time as the solar heliosphere drops, means even more cosmic radiation impacting the Earth. The magnetosphere was down 15% as of 2011, and dropping at a rate of 5% per decade, rather than 5% per century as previously recorded. That was when these figures stopped being publicly reported.
    Svensmark has shown theoretically and recent experiments at CERN have confirmed an increase in cosmic rays causes an increase in atmospheric cloud formation. This blocks/reflects more solar radiation adding to the cooling, as well as increasing atmospheric moisture and other climatic changes. Nothing new to the Earth, but humanity has not experienced such in recorded history. We have history of any number of GSM, and the resulting social & political disruptions, just not such a "perfect storm" of combined effects, since our planetary mag field reversal occurs on a hundreds of thousands of years cycle.
    Bottom line – not looking good for solar technology for a few decades, UNLESS we can optimize it for UV wavelengths. The UV intensity is on the increase as our weakening magnetosphere allows more UV and microwave energy from the sun through. Even though solar output is dropping, it is still strong enough to cause issues due to our planetary shield weakening. Associated health risks need to be a concern, too. See on YouTube:
    "Svensmark – The Cloud Mystery"
    "The #1 Threat to Earth"
    All of these are science-based, though mainstream science has yet to come to grips with some of the most recent discoveries and their implications.

  2. Chris Dishneau says:

    For fucks sake people……harnessing natural power on an individual level is the only logical option…..fossil fuels exist only because of corporate greed and your own lazyness.

  3. Chris Dishneau says:

    We dont take advantage of it only because theres more money in oil.

  4. BlazBomber Ex Kamen says:

    those isomers molecule look like a 'sun' letter for kanji

  5. Alex Botsford says:

    Over reactors

  6. All Roads Lead Here says:

    Drink me mah sunny d dawg

  7. Kevin Loving says:

    Hydrogen from ammonia

  8. Kai Miller says:

    If the oil barrens like the bush family and most everyone in the ruling class can make money being green,we will have solar, geothermal,and all that. So long as the rich figure out how to get all the money from it and overcharge the world to have it.

  9. Love is the answer to everything says:

    Why don't you talk about nano antennas or nanontennas?

  10. theblackboyjoe says:

    so storing solar energy in a liquid, aka petrol

  11. Harry Bloom says:

    You schould stop talking about "zero emmission" because it's just a lie! Any type of energy will trigger some kind of emmission. Talk about the global energy balance instead and be honnest about it! Solar is good but You need lots of energy to produce the silicon based solar pannels. No one is innoncent.

  12. Mark Jeffries says:

    Using solar like panels to turn unwanted radiation into electricity

  13. Kai Keeper says:

    thumbnail looks like an "energy drink" lol…

  14. george eliot evans says:

    Storing that liquid in a container which allows light to get in but doesn't let it get out😜 👍

  15. Ray Voisine says:

    go SOLAR!!! about time!!! don't U think?

  16. SPKAppiah says:


  17. Simon Babnik says:

    Thorium reactors

  18. shelbyflips 5678 says:

    The production of solar panels creates a massive environmental footprint. Solar energy, via solar panels, is not good for God's green earth, but it is good at making lots of green cash for the marketeers, who profit from the solar panel lie, and thus live like they are gods.

  19. sir MAXX says:

    There is a new process being developed to make solar panels that use 1/10th the amount of silicon and even more energy and cost efficient.

  20. lanes says:

    zero point energy RIP Tesla

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