Storing solar energy at home

Storing solar energy at home

New technology from Infineon promotes the adoption of renewables by enabling solar energy to be stored efficiently.
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solar energy
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  1. Richard Paulson says:

    Problem is Storage at 30c/kwhr as batteries wear out. You have not solved that. You can't get around that even if your charger is 100% efficient (which is impossible).

  2. Tracy Douglas says:

    This is a great guideline gives you all the information you need regarding building a home solar electrical power system [Awesome Plan Here >>> ]. In plain language it tells you what you need to know. And how to put it together with common sense applications.

  3. Martyn Holder says:

    one problem is when there is a power failure you cannot use your solar systems batteries. I remember that when emergency generators were in use they would have a switch that detects loss of power and would switch on generator then when power was restored would switch generator off and allow power back on. Why don,t we have this with solar panels?

  4. Just Me says:

    The "Computer Chip" is just a MOSFET. The MOSFET was invented in 1959. You can get them from China for pennies.
    The controller doesn't even sound like it's MPPT. Turning the Mosfet on/off sounds more like PWM.
    This is one of the most overhyped presentations I've seen. Not even good for a laugh, as it will cause people to spend hard earned money on something average, thinking they are getting top of the line.
    Shame on you Infineon.

  5. Paul Cycle says:

    why don't they just start making appliances in DC or at least with a DC option so you don't need an inverter wouldn't that take care of a lot of the energy loss and or wasted?

  6. Ben Joseph says:

    Don't get hopeful just yet…the US has nuclear power plants on and near seismic fault lines!
    …and that just one bullet in the chamber of the gun loaded and aimed at our heads!

  7. Dina Abdelki says:

    What the thumbnail has to do with the video….!

  8. Martha Sanduval says:

    I cant wait to built one of this thanks for sharing this video..

  9. Harry Bartelink says:

    Since when do you put voltage into a battery to charge it up. I have always put current into the battery until it gets to the correct voltage and then it stop the current flow. If you guys are using voltage to fill a battery you really are amazing hahaha. There is nothing new here and what you are saying is only fooling the public who don't know any better. Any engineer would tell you that.

  10. psrj1748-2446ad says:

    big ass voltage regulator.

  11. Mariela Arceo Madriz says:

    If the chip can change the voltage, it is somehow wing down and storing energy before it comes out. So, is there a way to engineer is so it slows down the energy coming out until the energy is needed in the household, and not use batteries?

  12. Magie Sidad says:

    after watching this I decided that I will go and use solar next year..

  13. Anna J. Parra says:

    42,119 people are already using the DIY Home Energy System>> * >>*

  14. steve b says:

    So get a NIGHT job.

  15. Antitheist39 J says:

    The silicon chip is called mosfet and is around in decades. Actually smps are used as battery chargers almost everywhere where high power batteries are involved today. Basically the charger control switches the power MOS transistors in very short pulses and it's resistance is very close to zero when on, hence providing the current that the battery needs to charge in pulses. Basically the time on and off of the transistor determines the regulated output energy. Said pulses get filtered and smoothed in order to provide a somewhat regular current. This means that the powers supply is efficient because there is very little loss in the transistor when on, due to the fact that it's fully on and the voltage drop across it is very low.
    Also lithium ion batteries needs to be charged at a constant current, not constant voltage. The voltage across the battery changes, as the charge builds up. The charger has to change the voltage in order to deliver the same current through the battery (at least to the point when the voltage is 4.2v a cell) and also measure it, in order to prevent overcharge because then funny (or not so funny) things happen otherwise.

  16. Simon Turner says:

    I had to stop half way through due to the bull shit overload. I never expected such a video of such a renowned semiconductor manufacturer. The thinly veiled excuse to produce the video and let's of course make sure we get a pretty blonde in it so that we keep watching but not for me thank you. It is not solar technology that is driving higher efficiency semiconductors. The drive for higher efficiency semiconductors or rather semiconductors with an ever lower resistance is driven by every area of technology as the resistance of semiconductors produces heat and this limits their application in high-power solutions.


    As far as Solar Energy is considered, there are number of countries, and number of companies have come out their own way. What is important is the device, the one which acts as an interface, between the Energy that flows and the Storage- the Battery. I would like to know in what way the Infineon,s R&D, has developed a new, or better equipment, which will be more efficient, and reliable, without costing much comparatively

  18. Mark says:

    Store the PV energy in hot water for showers and washing machines including dish washer. I can use 4-6 kw a day doing this with only £400 cost using a diverter. If you home is low energy it help with heating in spring and autumn. Water is cheap storage. I think its a good video as it explains the idea well and if people want it its up to them just like a new car or kitchen. Here in UK electric cars loose 80% of their new cost in 3 years makes solar look good. Buy a electric car second hand get free batteries and a car. Use the car for battery storage, it will happen.

  19. Billy982810 says:

    who made this bullshit video..?

  20. Manu VS says:

    But Consider a situation like this house electrical equipment started to work from Battery and if suddenly all equipment was on and currents shoots Up what will Happen
    Sorry for Bad English

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