Solar Roads: Can Streets Become Giant Solar Panels? | National Geographic

The sun’s rays can hit some roads for up to 90 percent of the daylight hours, so companies in Europe and the U.S. are experimenting with building solar panels along or above roads. But are such projects worth the cost? In France one company is hoping to distinguish itself—and reduce costs—with solar panels that are laid directly on the pavement.
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VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR: Fabrice Caterini and Claire Jeantet
MUSIC: Chris Zabriskie

Solar Roads: Can Streets Become Giant Solar Panels? | National Geographic

National Geographic
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20 Responses to Solar Roads: Can Streets Become Giant Solar Panels? | National Geographic

  1. Bob Sled says:

    Put the panels on a roof. More power

  2. Lawnmower Man says:

    They found a good compromise between grip and light absorption. Meaning, if you need to slam on the breaks to avoid an accident, you are probably dead or severely injured.

  3. Dave Harris says:

    No natgeo! No! Bad natgeo! Stahp!

  4. Dawn2334 says:

    No…..China's just caught on fire and the people pushing it in America are liars…here's proof

  5. Prestige Clash says:

    It only lasted 5 days lmao

  6. TheJimtanker says:

    Solar "roadways" installations have broken down in just a couple of months after being installed, caught on fire, WILL NOT REMOVE SNOW, and only make about $40 a YEAR in ideal conditions.  You cannot see the LEDs in sunlight and the glare will blind drivers.  What an idiotic idea.

  7. Ian Tait says:

    I'm always dubious about unreferenced claims. I would like to see the source of the figures for an independent analysis before I pass judgement.

  8. Bryon Lape says:

    Reality has debunked this. Complete waste of money.

  9. Abin Baby says:

    iwant place a solar panel to my head

  10. Kyle says:

    This is stupid its just not practical


    Just start / a parking lot / a short road / a small town / these guys solar Roads
    do not need to pave the world / we got lots of ways to get Solar working.
    It would be so wonderful to continue with Solar and END UN Agenda 21 and
    UN AGENDA 2030 / Globalist New World Order / and planned depopulation
    A of humanity. Keep the Solar stuff / get rid of all the rest of Bad Guy sustainable
    controlled slave stuff

  12. Javed Hayat says:

    Good Video about Solar Panel Highway is First Solar Roadways Opened in China Solar City, I liked hope you will like it too

  13. jake pot says:

    It time for solar road

  14. Apache Sakai says:

    Not Practical because Road is full of Dirt, Why don't we make Solar at the sea? it can cover the Sea Surface and reduce Sea Water temperature to avoid storm

  15. Sudarsanan Madhavan says:

    Forget about solar panels. Do research for vibration energy. Convert the vibration, while the vehicle passes, into electricity.
    Less coast and more practical.

  16. Jackie Hill says:

    polimers ? rubber?

  17. Rishi Shori says:

    Is it successful for a long time???

  18. Margaret Underwood says:

    * Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge, this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.[link here >>> ]*

  19. oscar dighton says:


  20. Kevin Ogrady says:

    What a waste of time, energy & money. This is a real scam.

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