Solar Power System Harbor Freight Panels

Solar Power System Harbor Freight Panels Solar System This is a video that shows the solar system solar panels, lighting and solar energy kits from Harbor Freight. Samlex 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverted 714-903-6599 White Doves Services for in Long Beach . We service We service Newport Beach Harbor, Los Angeles Harbor Burial at Sea plus Ash Scattering and Cemetery Dove Releases plus Yacht Rentals in Huntington Beach Orange County, California White Dove Services plus video – Photos by Newport Coast White Dove Release all Memorial Parks.
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20 Responses to Solar Power System Harbor Freight Panels

  1. Jerry Cruz says:

    Whats the amp and Watt specs on charge controler that comes in  Thunderbolt 100watt kit from Harborfreight?  I wanna hook up more solar panels, like 1 or 2,  240watt 12v solar panel to it.

  2. Dennis Monroe says:

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  3. Blindfinger says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
    No offense intended, but I am totally ignorant to the solar panel power world. Your video did help but definitely not geared for the beginner.

  4. bijaya dixit says:

    Price in india

  5. Perla Vicki says:

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  6. Kari Mccarthy says:

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  7. Edgar Plascencia says:

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  8. benman6869 says:

    WHen your panels combine, your MR solar !

  9. benman6869 says:

    I see u have scottie dogs lad….

  10. Steve Sullivan says:

    Ya we rock

  11. daphoenixto says:

    So have you converted the old Batteries from the wally mart marines to Lithium Ion yet ?

  12. chuck chaney says:

    You built exactly what im getting ready to do. Except iwas gonna shoot for 10 batteries….. Great video…and great job on your system..

  13. Shadows Forgeshop says:

    I got mine for 100 since I work there lol wish it came with the battery though since it is a KIT

  14. James Y. Welch says:

    Have wanted to learn about renewable energy and all the components and the correct way to install. The manufacturers just assume you already know how to install these items and calculate what you need. You can do it completely yourself   no matter if you are handy with tools or not.

  15. Major Mazzaroth says:

    Damn thats awfully complicated.

  16. MarxNutz y says:

    March 2017 the Harbor Freight solar kit is on sale for $119.99! with the coupon from the sale catalog, so it's better price than ever right now! I already have one kit, but I will go get a second one to expand my array.

  17. catfisher420 says:

    you lost me. try again!

  18. dave weese says:

    very informative, I just can't take the back ground noise, sorry

  19. John Neubauer says:

    Nice pannel work! It would be nice to by all the component s with the inventor on the board the way yoy have them.1 board all ready assembled!

  20. Israel Cruz says:

    I'm sorry can't continue your sound annoying.

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