Solar Power For Beginners Starter Solar Power System

Wanted to show you guys my “Off Grid Solar Power System”. It is just running my office for now This is a 300 watt system. I have a Samlex 300w “PURE SINE WAVE Inverter” 12v! With a EP Solar
charge controller “MPPT” Tracer series 12v/260w max PV Input Power. My Canadian Solar Panel is 260w.The batteries are two 6v Deep Cycle Trojan Batteries in “Series to make a 12v Battery”.
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20 Responses to Solar Power For Beginners Starter Solar Power System

  1. Justin Patterson says:

    This video has been more helpful than some of the sites I've looked on for info. This will help when it comes to blackouts and bills. Both wont seem so harsh. Bar say the setup cost.

  2. Jon Olin says:

    Hey I wanna learn more on your solar panels cause I also live in az!

  3. pudiful says:

    Greetings. I have almost the same configuration in my office. I pv 265 watts, epever mppt controller, 200 ah batteries and 600 watts pure sine wave inverter with laptop and asus monitor with led lights for illumination.

  4. Ron Lacey says:

    why do you say this is a good inverter ? Have you done testing if so what. I want to build a 3-400 watt system.

  5. Richard Kent says:

    Every electronic you have needs batteries! But DON’T buy 1 new battery this year until you see this [Check Details Here==> ]. You can just recondition your old, used batteries and save a lot of money!

  6. Jack Frost says:

    260 WATS?

  7. alfriedar says:

    all Chinese shit is fake..

  8. Diana Jo Rossano says:

    You said the one solar panel is 260 Watts? Home Depot has one for $369.

  9. bob woerner says:

    i have 2 trogen 6 volts connected for 12 volt bank. long story short they have sat for a yr with no charge to them a currently read 5.38 volts. i ordered a mttp controller and a 100 watt panel .not yet installed but after research i dont think the controller will recognise the low volt batteries to start charging them.can i hook the panel straight to the bank to bring up the voltage to then add the controller to finish the charging?……..will this work ?.how long do you expect it would take to bring up the voltage to maybe 11.6

  10. GMoney says:

    That's pretty cool! I'd rather use a crystal lead battery. Look up Haze Batteries on Google. Those are great for solar power usage.

  11. smilesalotbonnie says:

    Are 6v better than 12v??

  12. Jay Dee says:

    A guy good starer system, can you explain how too set it up and the equipment and where I can purchase it. thanks

  13. Jaz & Keli says:

    Hello i have a issue i think, i have a power surge strip and the light is surging is that normal?

  14. Frank Foley says:

    how come you have no fuses in the lines?

  15. Erick Valiente says:

    1.5 kw

  16. TwstedTV says:

    Please include links to where you purchased the items.
    Lots of people including myself are trying to find the things you have but you did not post the links for the items and also you didnt mention how much they cost and the shipping prices.
    If you want to teach people about solar and self efficiency you also have to give the information of the product and where to get it and how much it costs when you purchased it.
    So people can get an idea and also purchase the products they want.
    For example: where did you purchase the ( Canadian Solar Panel is 260w ) from ?
    And how much you paid for them at the time of purchase ?

  17. Southern Rebel says:

    Everyone needs a little Hennessy in the evening, lol.

  18. Sanjay Vaidya says:

    Can I have detail information? I am new to Solar. Interested to make on for myself

  19. Siddhartha Chatterjee says:

    Hi, nice video, thanks !
    I have a question :
    If you connect the solar panel to the charge controller and the load ti the charge controller too. On a sunny day should your load get power ? Note there are no batteries !
    What do you feel ?

  20. datCubanGuy says:

    one thing you should not do is mix batteries that are 6 months apart upon will be hard for the charge controller to keep them all equalized.good for you on this first step,my house runs on solar only and is a great feeling for sure.

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