In today’s video, I continue my basic discussion of how solar power looks by answering the most common questions about solar panels. We’ll talk about size, watts, voltage, amps, mounting and where and how to buy them. Hopefully, we can lay a foundation together that you can build a solid working knowledge of solar power so it can perform it’s wonders in your life! Unlimted, free power for life, that’s worth a few hours of study!!

No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about vandwelling and how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap and mobile, tiny house on wheels! You’ll learn everything you need to know to live in a car, van or RV. Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel and adventure as a gypsy, nomad, traveler or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a full-time Vandweller or RVer, @vanlife, #vanlife.
Be aware that I am an Amazon affiliate, and by using these links I will make a small percentage of your purchase, even if you buy something else–and it won’t cost you anything!
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2,400 watts on this array. Total array power (three arrays) is 4,900 watts. My backyard solar panel arrays power 75-80% of my house’s electric power. I engineered, designed, built, and tested my system by myself. The system is “partial” off-grid…I do NOT sell back to the power company. I use solar to REDUCE the KW/H bought from the power company.

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40 Responses to SOLAR PANELS FAQ–Solar Series

  1. Chasin' Simplicity says:

    Always appreciate the info and videos. The background was overwhelmingly beautiful.

  2. Jeff Zekas says:

    thanks for the good info… my 26 year old son is a nomad, living out of his Toyota Tacoma (when he' not in Thailand or with us), and is about to install solar… so i sent him the link to this video!

  3. Victor Tutza says:

    Great info BOB. I have a question, My 5th wheel is 12volt on battery. I bought a 2000 watt inverter. I am wondering if I should step up to a higher voltage? you said bigger is better

  4. Doo Dah says:

    Does anyone know where this was shot? Beautiful area.

  5. B Scott says:

    I've watched a lot of people install their own systems. They always seem to be installing 100 watt panels. My question is why don;t they buy higher watt panels and take up less space on their roof? Or add more of the higher watt panels and increase the amount of battery storage?

  6. Mmbohn1 says:

    WhaT happened to the battery video?

  7. Rayzr FB RV Boondocker says:

    I did an install with VHB tape, shits amazing. Panel works great. 100w 12a panel, MCT connectors, ran the large cable down to the batteries, and charge controller. life is good , 2 deep cycle batteries and free electricity every damn day!

  8. French from 97-4 says:

    If poly is better on the shade, then poly is the best choice because it is when there is not a lot of sun that one risks to not have enough energy.

  9. Frank Smith says:

    amazing backdrop !!!!!!!

  10. Selina Kyle says:

    This makes me Furious! Mother Gaia is dying …shame! Shame! Shame!

  11. Annette Billingsley says:

    I wish you had covered portable solar panel!

  12. Robert O'Connor says:

    Bob, you always want as high a voltge as possible from panels to controller which almost always means a series circut, leaving a #10 wiring carrying 100 volts at 30 amps in my case… instead of 12 volts carrying a 100 amps on a huge #2 wire…

  13. Sam Travels says:

    Very useful to the average person 👍

  14. Bess McGaughey says:

    As always another informative video – thank you Bob!

  15. Bike Vids says:

    That is some rough country.

  16. Ms Purrple says:

    The backdrop in this video is breathtaking!

  17. Karen Behymer says:

    WOW! Awesome scenery !

  18. Tim Madden says:

    If I’m using a 100 watt Renogy portable, what minimum gage wire would you advise for a 30 and 50 foot run with minimum voltage loss? I purchased 30 feet of 10 gage, very stiff, don’t like it.

  19. Honky Tonk says:

    Are you using a lapel microphone? sound quality is good.

  20. Spend Less RV More | Tips & How to's says:

    Thank you for clearing things up ! I get very overwhelmed with the idea of solar power but you are breaking it down in an easier way to understand ( for me anyways)
    Now I have to get on it =D
    PS: Keep dancing Mr Wells

  21. Captain Yak says:

    When you get a chance, could you please elaborate more on multiple controllers hitting the same battery bank? I am adding another controller and I want to do it right. Thanks!

  22. Captain Yak says:

    I admit I was wrong about you the first time I watched some of your vids. I thought you were showing off like most youtubers. Now, I guess I know more about you. Especially, when I watched your awesome summary video. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Jony Q says:

    Hi Chris!! I really enjoy your videos and learned a lot!! I started my own system for my house, it’s just 800w so far. Made a video of it, please take a look and comment on what you think and what is needed. Thank you!!!!!!! Merry Christmas

  24. Tom Rauser says:

    very nice , one of the most impressive systems i have seen yet , especially for a home , good job ! looking forward to seeing more

  25. Joseph Fiorella says:

    Nice. I hope to have a solar setup as big as this one day

  26. MS 37 says:

    Is this enough to power your house for a day?

  27. chevytrucker says:

    i would like to get away from the electric company as well…. looking at lithium batteries for their reliability and twice the discharge of those lead batteries

  28. Casper's Custom Works says:

    Greetings from the Arbuckle mountains in southern Oklahoma! Just found your channel and wanting to get into solar myself on a bigger scale. I use tons of small panels on everything I can but glad to see someone who has started small and built up!

  29. Bob Saturday says:

    nice stuff but aren't the panels these days 320W for the same size as those 100s

  30. Doug Mac says:

    Solar power has cut my dependence on local power company by up to 75% some months. Some day everyone will be using it or you would be just throwing your dedicated resources away. You can take a cruise each year with what you save and start enjoying life for a change. Think about it. Your quality of like would get better, plus you will be contributing for a cleaner air quality for our kids. Win Win.

  31. Andrew Davis says:

    Really nice, would love to do something like this. The only question, is where to begin.

  32. oswaldo ramos says:

    Chris, new subscriber and solar rookie. Can I send you my schematic of my set up and see what you think?

  33. Nyght myst says:

    love your set up collecting the stuff I need to do this right I hope lol

  34. Peter Wanjau says:

    Great work!!

  35. gwensf says:

    Where did you purchase the support structure?

  36. w8mpx says:

    My question is how much you invested and how much it cost for maintenance per year thanks for the video

  37. Dante Keaton says:

    Its ……
    so beautiful

  38. scottkb2000 says:

    Your work is excellent…you are so neat and organized with your equipment and wiring, etc. Well done!

  39. JUDI GAR says:

    Man is too much money and time invested, I think with the money you used I would pay my electric bill for thirty years, nice car

  40. David Wilker says:

    Chris, what did you do in the AF?

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