SOLAR PANELS ARE MOUNTED! Off Grid Solar Installation Day 4

Confused or want to learn more about solar? Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

Off Grid Solar Basics

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See options of mono and poly solar panels at altE’s website: .
We often get asked by customers what’s the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Here’s a surprising comparison of the differences (hint: not as significant as you might think).
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40 Responses to SOLAR PANELS ARE MOUNTED! Off Grid Solar Installation Day 4

  1. DIY Homestead Projects says:

    Confused or want to learn more about solar? Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

  2. Charles Kiplinger says:

    If you could string poly-carbonate roof panels on the underside, put a gutter system at the bottom, you could catch water runoff from the panels and feed another low area for veggies or fruit trees.

  3. Al Yaz says:

    Nice video and love the array set up.  More Hannah please.

  4. Robin L says:

    What kind of solar panels are you using? Which panels are best for northeastern PA area?

  5. Shantel Bollmann says:

    You can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  6. Joseph Boyd says:

    if anyone is looking for some alternative energy sources then I recommend guide from this website since it's very well explained and also if you have any question they're supports is great [Awesome Plan Here >>> ]. These days electricity cost a lot so why not save your money

  7. Marc Lo says:

    You did a very good job!

  8. Redondo Cenon says:

    you are an Idol , my friend awesome

  9. J says:

    Generic name of channel much, guys? Lifeinabox had a better ring, it was true to your originality, expressed in your presentation of installations.

  10. o00oZu1o00o says:

    Are you planning on installing a rainwater harvesting gutter at the bottom of these panels?

  11. Ruben Dela Cruz says:

    It will be helpful to put anti size on all the bolt before you tighten.

  12. Nathan Floyd says:

    Enjoying the videos very much.  Have you thought about trying to harvest rainwater off the solar panels some how?  Seems a waste of surface area if it runs off onto the ground.

  13. kirk olsen says:

    where does all the money come from.

  14. Chris Howell says:

    Great vid! Just wondering, from what I have seen on solar you need to adjust the angle for a summer and winter setting. Is this not an issue for where you live? or is there an adjustment built in I didn't see?

  15. Kal Manna says:

    You really inspire me, glad I found you!

  16. McKenzie Evitt says:

    thanks for helping me and that's cool.##

  17. Seth Thomas says:

    Question: Why always the AirPods? Just listening to tunes, or feedback on what you're recording?

  18. Molecular Mansions says:

    Does this array generate 5600kw or is my math way off?

  19. Garden/weather updates in the UK says:

    Make sure you wash them because they will get dirty quickly out in the desert. I am a new subscriber and loving your vids already. keep it up!

  20. Apentogo says:

    also polycrystaline are less abrasive as they tend to be more brittle.
    the nice thing however is that they cost much less than monocrystaline's
    but in the long run you might want to save some to invest in mono,

    diamond stones are great!

    also how come my 280grit water stone leaves a much much much finer finish on my tools than my 1000grit water stone?

    its almost seems like it matters more what the grit is made of, than what grit of the stone is!?

    which means…that "grit" of a stone is a useless measurement thats completely unreliable!

  21. James stranger says:

    I need some solar panels! I don't guess it really matters if its pile of crystal or mono crystal. I will probably have to buy one at a time. I'd like 250w 24v panels . but may have to ho with 100w12v because of shipping. do you guys offer any deals that would help me . thanks a lot. I love this channel. I'm off grid and must get some panels. the gas generator to charge batts isn't good! thanks again.

  22. COYOTE says:

    the video right before you had statistics way different than yours and had the mono panel producing a third more power I will have to Investigate going to pause you and search for more info>>>>>>>pause>>>>>>>seem other opinions are the mono cell is 30 percent more efficient I would look a lot more intensely if getting my info from a dealer who make a kickback for pushing whats behind door number 3 I sai Mono so far if you live in a red or orange zone

  23. Angie Suarez says:

    Can I connect Monocrystalline with a Polycrystalline in parallel??

  24. G Philip C says:

    Real world…done worry be happy either way.

  25. Minecraft And More says:

    i like mono becuase of the look.

  26. PhrontDoor says:

    A bit late to the party, but seriously — thanks for these short introductions.

  27. Umair Aamir says:

    Can you tell me if we install 1 is polycristal of 250 watts and one is monocristal 250 watts it's reliable or not answer me please I am in trouble

  28. Ballenxj says:

    WOW! Funny how things change. Good explanation, and thumb up for the video. Thanks Amy.

  29. Alice's Restaraunt says:

    Amy Rocks! Great discussion!!!

  30. David Dompreh says:

    well that's great and well explained. thanks

  31. GKM says:

    You are mistaken at 3.57,the current increases while the temperature rises. It is the voltage that drops significantly and hence overall power. Refer the – sign in front of temperature coefficients. Good presentation though:)

  32. Partha Ceo says:

    U didn't tell about longevity

  33. Passed High School Physics says:

    Excellent video.

  34. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

    Excellent video, except, She never mentioned which one last longer, That's a big issue. Replacing them every 10 years vs 15 years is a huge difference.

  35. Lenz Walters says:

    Hey very informative video. I do those Videos as well Subscribe to my channel and I will sub you back. comment below when finished.

  36. Dennis Ryan says:

    Which type is better suited to handle chem trail deposits…..

  37. AAron Risner says:

    no help

  38. Sebastien L says:

    Thanks for the info

  39. John Smith says:

    Thanks – that cleared that up!

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