Solar Panel Ground and Roof Mount Pros & Cons

Should you mount your solar panels on the roof or the ground? I discuss the pro’s and con’s of both. I cover array access, maintenance, safety, structural strength, space requirements, orientation and much more. I also show how much power I am generating in 100% fog. You won’t believe it.


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20 Responses to Solar Panel Ground and Roof Mount Pros & Cons

  1. ArcturanMegadonkey says:

    This is quite amazing! I just checked my end of year bill from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 and I used 1.131kw in that year LOL
    I live on my own here in the UK and the only thing running during the day is a fridge freezer. During the evening I'll have my router, laptop and lights on. The lights around the house are all LED bulbs. To cook I use either the microwave or electric oven or a camping gas stove as the cooking hob is electric and it's horrid to cook on. To heat water for a bath I use a electric immersion tank.

  2. Bob Saturday says:

    considering orientation and angle the small extra effort into ground mnt is worth it by far
    ….and cleaning

  3. Tripin S says:

    Why didn't you get panels that heat up? They only need to be heated when it's snowing.

  4. Thom Westergren says:

    What are the specs for the mesh on the back? It looks like 19 guage, with 1/4 inch holes. Did the inspector say anything about bonding the screen. Technically, conductor which is added to the system needs to be grounded. It's at the discretion of the inspector, but I have heard of inspectors making this rather unreasonable request. PVC coated screen would solve that problem.

  5. Callum Shingleton-Smith says:


  6. BWWGL9 says:

    Please point out the Total Overall Cost of the System $$$, For people with large system they'll be paying for them along with the Mortgage. If you live in an area where it cost $0.11 nets per KW, all you need is something to have in place during a Storm, EMP, War etc., I haven't seen 1 system that actually pays for itself within 15 years! Skew the number all you want, but the FACTS are SOLAR IS EXPENSIVE !

  7. Lenity says:

    hello sir, how much does this system of yours cost?

  8. izzzzzz6 says:

    Here in France they pay about 3 times less per KW if your panels are ground mounted!
    So a pretty big disadvantage if you are considering selling back to the grid. If it's only for your own use then it's no problem if you have the space. If you can do both then you can have the roof for selling power back and a stand alone ground system on a gimble for your own power.

  9. pirucreek says:

    3:30 I have a 6.5 kw system and it covers all my power use and it faces west. You still get good power east and west. Also if you face east you get the morning sun which may be valuable if you are off grid. If you face west you get the late sun which is a more valuable peak electricity.

  10. Jamie Round says:

    ey ee so u also a lds memberr if so awesom what citty n state u in

  11. IamMalibuBoy says:

    Sounds great and all but selling 1.5 kw to the grid is worth maybe 20 cents/hr. Times 5-6 hours/day….congrats you went out, cleared your panels and made maybe $1…..if all your gear was free and it never wears out.

  12. Norris Brock says:

    Hello, I'd like to know how much was the mounting hardware for your ground system? I just purchased 20 (320w) mono solar panels.

  13. hateUmankind says:

    do they work when winter and storm rain

  14. SolarizeYourLife says:

    Ground mount you can get the right angle and point of direction…

  15. Michael Josemans says:

    will that broom scratch the panel coating?

  16. John Daye says:

    i have basically the same set-up and i still make 18 volts under 6" of snow.

  17. Orlando Montes says:

    What is the total capacity of the solar panels system?

  18. FuddyDuddy99 says:

    David I have 8 Trojan L16 batteries but only 3 Kyocera 250 watt panels.. how does that compare to your system and what recommendations do you have tor me to improve my system? presently, I have my panels in storage with my batteries but I go out to charge them monthly with my Predator 8750 Watt Generator and a Eagle 48 volt 18 amp battery charger. Are you saying your brand of solar panels are more efficient or better constructed ? do they yield better output in cold snowy weather like we have up here in the northeast ? I think I will go ground mount like you did .

  19. Greg Collins says:

    Any brand panels will do just as well.
    If you get freezing rain or melting snow conditions, brushing doesn't cut it.
    I've never heard of a properly mounted roof array getting blown off short of a hurricane or tornado…

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