Solar Fields – Leaving Home [Music Video]

Artist – Solar Fields
Album – Leaving Home
Genre – Ambient / Downtempo
Year – 2005

Footage courtesy of:

Emil Lenc:
Kenneth Edwards:
Michael König:
Justin Ng Photo:

20 Responses to Solar Fields – Leaving Home [Music Video]

  1. Jan N says:

    Oberflächliche Menschen hören dieses lied nicht

  2. Harry Patterson says:

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  3. WrathGamingBR says:

    Solar Fields aways making masterpieces!

  4. jim lotus says:


  5. Night Howla says:

    yea home is whatever u decide most if not all of u have homes in other realties that u visit when asleep some of u like me even create entire realties when ur asleep. in a sense u do these things when ur awake just u say the two are different and seperate when really they are one.

  6. Alexandre Xandan says:


  7. Mason-Mac / says:


  8. Fox002 3344 says:

    Medicine for soul

  9. Jan N says:

    wer jetzt noch behauptet die erde is ne scheibe der lügt

  10. Good Dwight Stirling says:

    if you like this try emancipator – first snow. trust me……..

  11. Syok says:

    I want to rip this entire video, without compromising it's quality. Any ideas?

  12. Etereys says:

    I find that taking the time to listen and reflect on an entire album by Solar Fields, this being one of the prime examples, to yield much more revealing revelations and depth as opposed to merely listening to a single track separate from the album. That is, unless you are already reflecting on the album as a whole and decide to hone in on a particular track within that vision.

  13. nick shutler says:

    it makes us realise how fortunate we are to be on this planet as a human being…. good music and video… and yes I agree a wonderful talent you have… you must be in touch with your beating heart

  14. myproblemchild25 says:

    10 years with Solar Fields. Always ready to amaze

  15. Jan N says:

    geiles video!!!!

  16. SmutnyCzlek says:

    I just realised I lost my soul during past few years.

  17. omvendtslev says:

    lol where are all the satelites…muhahahaha wake up

  18. OGdank13 says:

    This my Mars song

  19. JotaJota says:

    Tycho – Adrift and this, are the best videos on Yotube.

  20. kay says:

    One my favorite of SF!

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