Solar Energy in Malaysia

My documentary on solar energy for my science and technology class. Material use in the making of this video is for education purpose only.

5 Responses to Solar Energy in Malaysia

  1. 航航 Hanghang says:

    Awesome documentary !

  2. Hadi Anwar says:

    solar energy is good. the problem is how to store it. in US ppl use 30kwh(well, i don't have any info total average usage for Malaysian) through out the day. for me the biggest problem is how to store the energy captured in the day and use it later in the evening efficiently. the lead acid battery is efficient and durable, but it takes up a lot of space(depends on how big the system), the battery generate Hidrogen during operating which will blow up if it met with O2 and a tiny mini spark.

  3. super erased says:

    where to get the panels for sabah?

  4. reduceelectricusage says:

    Love this video of yours glad I watch it I was very inspired.. I'll start installing my own solar panels now..

  5. AHMAD FAISAL says:

    nice documentary

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