Solar Energy As Fast As Possible

Solar energy usage has grown dramatically over the last few years. How does new tech better harness the sun’s power?

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20 Responses to Solar Energy As Fast As Possible

  1. Dolores Henry says:

    I have used this [link here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  2. TheBlueMinerTBM - Minecraft Animation says:

    Am i the only one who sees linus in alot of videos!?

  3. Harry Snell says:

    bruh made a 200mV dye sensitised solar cell this morning xD

  4. Harry Snell says:

    old Vid but: please fix "shop silicone", that is rubbery not silicon in solar panels

  5. Bernie Sanders says:

    Will we ever have solar phones?

  6. Bernie Sanders says:

    Types of Computer Viruses as fast as possible Please

  7. GyroCannon says:

    Linus, not all living things live off sunlight. Chemosynthesis man

  8. HairlessHare says:

    Every source and medium will have its place

  9. Chaaos2 says:

    Thin film is a bad technology. In the early days of solar (2007) thin film was significantly cheaper than polycrystalline panels but as manufacturing practices improved crystalline panels have reigned supreme. Relative to coal power, solar power would be fairly expensive if this were a true economic playing field.

  10. Jan Rick Bertumen says:

    people new to this channel thought this is a science channel

    when they checked this channel they be like… "whats all of these…?"

  11. feelthefears says:

    maybe one of you could learn to grade 😉 the color is below your production levels.

  12. Saqeef Iqbal says:

    Linus, stop lying.

  13. sleepup7931 says:

    how can we the corporation make a constant stream of income of a thing that is free… and that is why they do not really invest in it

  14. DoubleVision says:

    "speaking of dry cycles and clean things; FreshBooks…" 🙂

  15. Lando Calrissian says:

    In 2013, solar energy accounted for just over 0.3 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Why mislead stating how much it's grown in 5 years ("skyrocketed" from .03% to .3%)? and then fantasy numbers from the International Energy Agency about solar output in 34 years? Explanations without propaganda, please.

  16. Allan Tinker says:

    Clearly that segway isn't going to work, so uhh, Freshbooks!

  17. Skylord says:

    This episode reminded me of bill guy the science guy.

    Linus guy, the quickie guy… Sounded better in my head.

  18. BRUSS LEE says:

    I couldn't focus anymore once you showed us these boobs thanks a lot Linus

  19. order9066 says:

    Solar and wind are clean, intermittent and unreliable.

  20. Yosef MacGruber says:

    Why not just use free-energy, which the evil NWO criminal elitists stole from Tesla and from the American people? Free-energy is far better than "green energy" such as solar and wind. "Green energy" is such a rip-off, that it is an outright scam.

    Well except for my solar calculator, that well works, but then calculators use almost no power anyway, nor do calculators need to operate in the dark. That is about all that solar is good for.

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