Simple Solar Kit for Tree House or Tiny Home? (Voltaic Panel)

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, author of “Microshelters” (Check it out HERE: talks to Tony Kauffman of at the NYC Maker Faire 2015 about his affordable, small, solar panels, lights, and batteries, that could work very well for tiny houses, off-grid cabins, tree houses, and even kid forts!
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20 Responses to Simple Solar Kit for Tree House or Tiny Home? (Voltaic Panel)

  1. James Blanchette says:

    I have used this [link here [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] book since taking the train the trainer course using the same book and feel it does more to explain the things you run into everyday in the field.

  2. Green slime gaming says:

    Where can you buy it Please respond

  3. Bobby Hendley says:

    Now that's useful! And doable!

  4. Skyrocketcoast says:

    Will look at the Votaic Systems for my Hay Barn and other horse barn/sheds that have no electricity. Thanks

  5. Tucker Moore says:

    can it power anything usb

  6. Enkrypto Nite says:

    I am in love with this system

  7. tony jara says:

    how many of these would it take to power….a fridge,TV,DVD player,microwave?

  8. evan spaulding says:

    Deek, what kind of camera do you use?

  9. Earl Portland says:

    there are lots of different ways to go about off the grid lighting. I think this is a very good solution.

  10. mr bad example says:

    i have my doubts on the battery life in a day to day basis over a few years. you would be better off with a bigger system, need a computer, radio, fridge…

  11. Donna Beals says:

    you could plug a computer into it, and use it off grid. Correct?

  12. Montisaquadeis says:

    Hmm wonder if the panel and battery setup could runs something like a Rasberry Pi 2 and a smallish projector for a Home theater setup in a tiny house. As well as charge something like a phone or a tablet.

  13. karzygijose says:

    the light is a cree led driver super bright 5v that panel looks to be 3.5 to 5 watt wouldn't you be better off going to the dollar store and buying a bunch of solar powered lights and getting a 18650 battery holder and use the panels to charge the batteries and buying the same led driver?

  14. ricerust says:

    wish u coulda showed how bright that light was

  15. wheredidileavemycell says:

    harbor freight $130 45watt panels with a charge control, wires, lights and stand that it's either direct drive (battery free) or with a battery…this is cool fit the super simple camper…I could reproduce this with a $15 panel from harbor freight, a $10 10k mah power brick, and a goal zero ysb light for 8.99….sooooo yea about this

  16. True Love says:

    would be great for a shed or cabin without power

  17. Chewie316 says:

    I missed my chance to meet you as well as missing Maker Fair for another year.

  18. Charles Hodges says:

    I want one where can I purchase this solar product?

  19. Tine Woodbe says:


  20. Sylvan Energy Solutions says:

    I sent you a msg did you get it?

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