Simple DIY Solar Power System with Lithium Battery Bank! No experience necessary

Omega 453 watt hour Solar Generator:
Omega 288 watt hour Solar Generator:
Flexible Solar Panel used in video:
Solar Panel Extension Cables:
How to crimp (connect) the solar panel wires to the solar generator plug wires:

Other Solar Generators:

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20 Responses to Simple DIY Solar Power System with Lithium Battery Bank! No experience necessary

  1. Will Prowse says:

    Obviously we could build a much cheaper system with recycled lithium cells, harbor freight inverter, and a chinese made glass panel. sure. of course. but I created this video to help people who have no experience, build a small cheap system that beats the mainstream solar generator options (such as goal zero, suakoi, anker power house, etc).

    You can easily make a sealed lead acid system for cheaper. Like this system:

    But thats not the point. We want something small, easy to build, and cheaper than other options available. I hope this video helps some of you. Also, if you find a higher rated solar generator, let me know. The competition is horrible.

  2. Coldrin6 says:

    DIY? I don't think this means what you think it means.

  3. Alex Eddie says:

    Hey Will, thanks for posting these videos. They are a huge help. Quick question, could you hook up a fan-tastic fan to these kind of batteries described in this video?

  4. Rodrigo Acosta says:

    What is the maximum voltage/amps for solar charging? Can I put solar panels in parallel or series for faster charging?

  5. klaus von Himmlisch says:

    Keep up the nice research and development. Thanks for caring and sharing. Maybe you can calm down a little. Talk a bit slower. Thanks. Genieß Prost

  6. OH8STN says:

    Cool video, well done.
    Don't be afraid of the math. Math is your friend 🙂
    Thx for sharing

  7. 1SillyGirl RVTravels says:

    I don't know if you see posts that were posted so long ago……but! I just found all of you solar instruction videos. I finally get it! I've always believed the right person can capture ones mind. Thank you!

  8. Tekno Tard says:

    What is that black box with the blue indicators?

  9. Tekno Tard says:

    Hey Prowse most of those portable solar batteries come with solar panels already or for an xtra charge why not use the solar panel that goes with the battery less work and not so big.

  10. Donald Badeaux says:

    most is superlative you don't need to be redundant…

  11. Omer Malik says:

    The best video on this stuff! Thank you!! Much needed

  12. José Salgado says:

    Another question, you plug the laptop to the small red thing inverter, could it be safer, in terms of protection to the laptop, to plug it to the Omega instead, and the Omega to the red thing?

  13. José Salgado says:

    Great video. I just didn't catch if this array can be used to power a small 12 v , van fridge… you mentioned that in DC a fridge would blow the fuse. 🙁

  14. TheHologr4m says:

    Good info.

    Try to put a bit more distance between your head and the lens.
    It makes your head look ridiculously large.
    Maybe not lean forward so much.

  15. Will Prowse says:

    My latest book on RV and Van solar power is a best seller on amazon!! It will teach anyone how to build their own solar power system. Check it out here:

  16. Jane thorson says:

    Will how did you get wires into your sienna into kodiak? What is the mc4 connector and extension I need for sienna and kodiak for one flexible solar panel? I want the sienna roof rack and as many panels I can get up there.

  17. Joseph Tan says:

    can I plug in any AC appliances while it is solar charging? .. thanks

  18. Max Pineda says:

    Cool thank you for the info

  19. Max Pineda says:

    Can a 40watt and 20watt panel able to both connect to the control charger ? Just curious or do they both need to be the same wattage?? Curious? Don't want to fry anything.

  20. electronzapdotcom says:

    This is the only video I seen of yours so far, but I like it a lot and subbed 🙂 Been planning on building a system like this, but I have a short vehicle and I don't want solar cells/panels below eye level.

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