Simple DIY OFF GRID | Our Solar Power System

In this video, we outline how to plan, build & finance your off grid solar panel system setup.

*****AMPS X VOLTS = WATTS****** (I wrote it wrong in the video.. whoooops!) πŸ™‚

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**Monocrystalline Solar Panels

** Deep Cycle Battery:

** Solar Charge Controller

** Parallel Connector Adapter


** Solar Extension Cables

** Fuse Block

**MPPT Solar Charge Controller


**Propane Stove/Oven

** 5 Gallon Jugs

** Ufaucet Sink

** Kitchen Sink Faucet

** Water Pump:

** Solar Powered Christmas Lights

** Truck Fridge

**Tiny Cubic Mini Cub


**Indoor/Outdoor Hammock

**Bluetooth Speaker

**Mr. Heater Portable Buddy:

** Porta Pottie Curve

** Pyle Backup Camera

About this video:
In this video we show you how to set up a solar power system for beginners. We go through the monocrystalline solar panels we use, the mppt charge controller, the deep cycle battery bank, the inverter, and how it all works so you can set up your own off grid tiny house on wheels system. Whether you are living in a bus to rv conversion or simply curious on how to install solar panels yourself, stick around, all of your questions will be answered!
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Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds

This project was sponsored by The Home Depot
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34 Responses to Simple DIY OFF GRID | Our Solar Power System

  1. Chuck J says:

    I stumbled across your channel a few days ago and liked your content and personalities etc., and even subscribed as I have an interest in this life style as well. That said I thought I had found a nice and informative channel from a nice couple. Then I saw one of your videos where you were sitting on a couch in a home discussing some of the neighborhood people over-reacting to seeing your bus parked on the street etc. In that particular video you started to delve into the tired, old, divisive and ridiculous topic of so-called "white privilege". Geez, in today's society you can't even check out a totally unrelated topic as off-grid living without this politically correct crap being brought up. People don't tune in to hear this jump-on-the-bandwagon bullshit. What has race got to do with bus conversion off-grid living? Of course those in your age group tend to be sheep on such topics and can't seem to recognize that what they see in the media everyday is not always the truth. Think for yourselves. You just lost a subscriber and viewer.

  2. Living Coast 2 Coast says:

    Thanks for the info. You guys are just too cute together.

  3. chouma lion says:

    Take a look at what they say about The DIY Solar Panels Video Course:

  4. Tommi Eronen says:

    You have nice bus! =) But you are mixing power and energy all the time. πŸ™‚ Power is watts and energy is power * time. Unit of electrical energy is usually kWh. See the h behind the kW.

  5. Emily Sweeney says:

    wow my head is spinning a little bit, but you broke it down so well! we are determined to figure this all out!

  6. Geneva Stokes says:

    The detailed designs with a thorough and clear instructions makes working with this plan fast and easy [Link Here== ]. It's time saving and any death battery back to life again. Thanks for releasing such a treasure.


    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it with us! Planning to add solar panels to my cargo van this winter!

  8. Joe McGo says:

    First off I absolutely love your videos. As someone in the idea phase of making a tiny home/bus conversion I look toward you for inspiration. Thank you! I really think solar is a fantastic main source of energy but I was looking into other non-conventional sources as a back up. I remembered from another video you talking about how warm your home was and it got me to thinking about Stirling Engines and in particular this video. If you could find away to harness the temperature differences between your interior and exterior of your home it is a resource that is there 24 hours a day rain or shine during the winter months. Again I don't think it is a reliable main source due to lack of sufficient output but I think it is a fun thought and maybe worth exploring. Bonus: It would look killer in your home. Hope all is going well!

    Have a Great Day!

    Yours Truly,
    Joe McGo

  9. Veronica DJWUN says:

    Thank you sooo much for the info. God bless

  10. Steven Vaccarello says:

    I think the way you explained your formulas is a bit off. It's been a while since I've done this do here goes:
    Amps X Volts = Watts. Watts X hours = Watt-hours. Coffee Grinder: 120V X 1.3A = 153W of power to run it. If you run it for 5 minutes (0.0833 hours) X 153W you'll consume 12.75 watt hours of power. Then you need to account for the inefficiency of the power inverter. Let's say that your power inverter is 90% efficient (using round numbers to keep this simple). That means that 10% of the energy going through the power inverter is lost to heat. This means that you need more battery power than what you're consuming by the coffee grinder. Here's the math: 12.75 Watt-Hours / 90% (or 0.90) = 14.16 Watt-Hours. You can do the same with your solar charge controller. If your solar charge controller is 90% efficient then 14.16 Watt-Hours / 90% (or 0.90) = 15.75 Watt-Hours of solar charging required to run your coffee grinder.

  11. Jeff Sadon says:

    Great info thanks 😎 what happens if you leave your system unattended like if you go on a hike for a few days ?

  12. doreen lucia says:

    Awesome breakdown….thank you for sharing

  13. GRAMMIE DEBI says:

    OMG! You Guyz have done such an awesome job on your two solar videos and couldn't have broken it down any better. It's exactly what I've been looking for. BUT…..unfortunately my eyes glaze over when I'm listening and trying to follow along! lol. I think I might just be hopeless 🀣. I think I will just have to make sure I have someone knowledgeable do the install and then once I'm hands-on I will begin to understand how it's all working. I will watch these more than once before I buy anything to try and get it to start and come together in my brain. lol

  14. Living ZEAL says:

    Do you use solar power or shoreline power as your primary energy source? Comment below!

  15. George Senda says:

    Why no insulation for the walls ?

  16. Valeria Estrada says:

    I want to build a off the grid tiny house. I would love to see a how to video on that!

  17. Get Wrecked says:

    10:09 PBR… nice

  18. Brian D'silva says:

    Awesome build, Im curious about the speakers though, could you provide a link for them?

  19. Cobras Venom says:

    4:39 you said underwear hahahahahahahaha

  20. BucketListBOYS S says:

    His buddy Ron in RIPPED

  21. jeremy cassman says:

    This is i believe the first video ive seen of yours and im convinced your sponsered by ryobi lol

  22. HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica says:

    Very good workshop

  23. bloodswarms says:

    Questionable use of hair product.

  24. Fam Arrieta says:

    Man this is my dream but I have no tool, I hope that someday Santa will come to my house and help me build something like that, I loved my dream. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. DaveTheCave says:

    I want that… and I don’t even make anything!

  26. Hamed Adefuwa says:

    Mate this has to be the best video I've ever seen on YouTube, I'll be subscribing and following you around the internet!! Thanks so much, please keep it up!

  27. Wildy Snow says:

    thumbs up for the chooks, keeping the yard clean and green. With eggs as well

  28. Capone says:

    11:58 You have a nice cock, bro.

    And the video looks like just as much work as the shed. Nice job.

  29. Tomy Young says:

    Yes i do it!

  30. Zeh Rech says:

    Nicee. I work with PV systems in brazil. And there is a question.
    – did u read the instruction manual to install the inverter upside down?


  31. simon finch says:

    Sponsored by Ryobi I guess!

  32. JAngelD89 says:

    you make it look so simple, awesome work

  33. R Edmonds says:

    Supeer video!

  34. Cory Shubert says:

    You need to add 360 degree videos to your offerings. Easier than all the editing and you can "direct" the users in post if need be. Well done though, very clean and well produced.

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