Setting Up Tiny House Solar Power And A Helper On The Homestead O24

I set up solar a solar power system for my tiny house on wheels plus I have a helper working at the off grid homestead.

I have a pair of solar batteries that I got out of the scrap yard a couple years ago which I am now using for my tiny house for now. This is a temporary setup until I have time to build a proper insulated battery box for my RV golf cart batteries. Then I will move the golf cart batteries over to the tiny house and swap them out with the solar batteries.

I am using a harbor freight solar panel system for my tiny house for now. It is actually bringing in more power per day at only 45 watts than my entire 800 watt solar panel system for the RV. This is because the HF solar panels are amorphous and are producing power during cloudy and rainy days when the polycrystalline panels are not.

I am also using the HF solar charge controller for now. I plan to use a better solar charge controller soon though.

I cut a hole in the tiny house wall under the kitchen sink. I used a hole cutter to make the hole. This allows me to pass the wired into and out of the tiny house for the battery bank.

A set of wires enters the tiny house between the solar panels and the charge controller. Another set of wires is connected between the batteries and the charge controller. Yet another pair of wires comes from the batteries back into the tiny home. This is the main power line for the tiny house.

I have a helper who will be working on the souvenirs for The Off Grid Project since I have been too busy working on the house. Emre is a foreign student who is going go college locally. I am going to pay him per item made. He will be making The Off Grid Project coffee coasters and helping with various other souvenirs while I finish the tiny house.

I finished connecting the solar power system to my tiny home and started to connect some LED lighting to the house. I am using my homemade paneling to hold the LED spotlights above the kitchen counter.

A package arrived containing a tool belt and some saw blades. I do not know who sent it but thank you. This will help out a lot at the off grid homestead.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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20 Responses to Setting Up Tiny House Solar Power And A Helper On The Homestead O24

  1. Amanda Hill says:

    5:55 that's what my wife said to me

  2. Lucas Guzik says:

    what consuls do u have if u do play moor on them BTY lov ur videos

  3. Andy Mck 63 says:

    yer like a coo wi a gun min lol

  4. Ray Konold says:

    The owl in the background is cool too.

  5. hortytims says:

    WOW! I like it

  6. Greeny says:

    Reading these comments is a nice reminder why so many people want to move off grid. To those talking about Emre's labour, he chose voluntarily to help Troy out for some commission, he isn't being exploited, he chose to do it. And you can all shut up with your racist remarks too, what a bunch of uncultured, secluded, pathetic little people you are.

  7. Tracy James Tavares says:

    Hw bout a branding Iron 4 yr DIY thingie , easyr mass produce ?

  8. sony4everct says:

    is that guy a muslim?

  9. Critic (al) says:

    I really wonder how you plan to keep those batteries warm for the winter. It would have been a much better idea to set up this under the kitchen counter and ventilate out through the wall.

    Less work until you have to do the whole thing properly, and better for the batteries.

  10. importryderify says:

    Hello Troy 🙂 where do you get your battery cables. ..may you please post links..thanks

  11. Patricia Waltman says:

    So Happy to see that things are coming along nicely And That you Have some help, Keep up the Great Work Troy And God Bless.

  12. GodlyBlessings says:

    I like your suggestion to go on youtube to look up info about Fisher Cat (weasel) even though we're already on youtube. 🙂 I really enjoyed watching you do your wiring. It's very interesting because I would like to learn more about it myself.

  13. Novy Daly says:

    jig saw blades 

  14. kenneth caloun says:


  15. Mark McLaughlin says:

    are you going to run fuses for your dc system? 

  16. m pam says:

    I know about Fisher Cats because I live near a state park forest.  Their teeth a very long and look like shards of glass.  Their cry sounds like a person being tourtured to death. 
    One night the whole neighborhood and the police were gathered around this one tree because of the screams.  It had been chased up a tree by a dog.

  17. Tina Smock says:

    So happy to see you have a helper. I have never heard af a fisher cat but I took your advice and looked one up on You Tube. Scary scream. In. Y 50's and still learning. I agree with another poster though. I'd love to see you have some motion lights out there for your safety as well as those birds. I lost an entire chicken house full of chickens (30 or so) once because of what neighbors said was probably a weasel. They were all just laying around with bite holes in their necks but not eaten. I don't know how the predictor got into the chicken house. We didn't have outside lights though, either. I know that power on TOGP is precious so motion lights?

  18. Ted Bryer says:

    Hey Troy – tiny house is looking good! Please seal up the tar paper with tape now or flies, bees, wasps Will invade your tiny house!!!

  19. Dchow18 says:

    How about using a&m old cooler to temporarily house your batteries? They're already insulated, open from the top. Drill your holes for the wires and you have a battery box,

  20. Mistyvalley says:

    So confused, how is that car batteries run in winter?  

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