Self sustainable – Off grid Tiny house – Solar Powered

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Interested in the Self sustainable, off grid tiny house lifestyle?
Join in the journey of turning a trailer into a tiny home. For Goal Zero solar products.

Also for more off grid information view our video blog:

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20 Responses to Self sustainable – Off grid Tiny house – Solar Powered

  1. Altha Dotty says:

    We are finally building our home overlooking a small vineyard we've designed and now are bound to it. Full of clear understanding and guidance *[Awesome Plan Here >>> ]

  2. YaowBucketHEAD says:

    There's a more current video on another tiny house channel that shows the girl living all by herself. The dude is gone.

    She's cute though. Won't have any trouble finding a travel partner.

    I love tiny houses, but I'm not sure if I could share one. I need my space period. Let alone if you're fighting with someone. Too suffocating.

  3. Doctor John says:

    Good use of space nice job.

  4. Indigo Dragon71 says:

    Ypu could then go with a induction cook top and induction heating system and leave the propane for outside barbeque. ; )

  5. Indigo Dragon71 says:

    Also graphite airogel ultra power cells the size of thirty gallon LP tanks would come in handy and are way better then lead acid batteries and very lite weight and are made to look like LP tanks so not everyone would know you have a state of the art self powered teailer. ; )

  6. Indigo Dragon71 says:

    Listen, solid state graphite power cell bank that charges up organic carbon power cell bank that operates a rewired drum motor generator with magnetic bearings to provide all your electrical power needs way better then solar and no need to hook up to shore power. Novartis

  7. PoppaRob 61 says:

    Of all the TH I've seen this works for me, has the home feel and yet not a mobile unit, good Job,

  8. nela nela says:

    I've been researching into survival and found a fantastic website at Micaden Survive System (check it out on google)

  9. Safe Dog says:

    Why ruin such a magical experience and have a woman live with you?

  10. Blu says:

    its basically an rv trailer

  11. Dayga says:

    You two are a pair of walking cliches'. What you have is not a "home" — it'd a fucking dump on wheels. I can see why you went off the grid — you can't handle the real world. Pretty soon you'll wind up living in a cardboard box under an overpass.

  12. piko burningmanmike says:

    what vehicle are you using to relocated your home?

  13. Tiny Home Resort says:

    Great video! I liked and subbed hope you subscribe back!

  14. Maddie B says:

    I'd love to know what wood stove that was.

  15. eileenfb1948 says:


  16. howiwatchvideos says:

    Wheres her tittys?

  17. Raynola Dominguez says:

    Love it!  Go tiny or go home.

  18. Tha Truth says:

    How much this cost to make

  19. Peter Petkov says:

    3:18 – the dog has different colored eyes.Nice peope,nice dog and nice house.

  20. Markus says:

    what is THE weight of this beast?

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