Renewable Energy

028 – Renewable Energy

In this video Paul Andersen discusses the technology, advantages and disadvantages of six sources of renewable energy; biomass, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal wind, and hydrogen. He also explains how changes in the storage and flow of energy in our power grid must be improved. He also lists the energy returned over energy invested ration for the various forms of energy.

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South Korea focuses on clean energy.
Solar power is almost as efficient as possible.
Germany generates record high levels of renewable energy.
As India goes big on renewables, bright minds develop innovative tech – Sustainable Energy.
Portugal’s green energy sector shines after Chinese investment.
S. Korea to shift toward renewable energy.
Solar City Seoul, the future of solar energy in S. Korea.
Renewable energy in Africa.

Watch the video to see all these and many more…

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19 Responses to Renewable Energy

  1. Corey D Burton says:

    Say EINSTEIN. Then use the three letters EIN when saying Turb-INE.

  2. Kadin Hernandez says:

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  4. Nathaniel Banks says:

    I have been in the renewable energy field for some time now and have used many products for instructional purposes, but this [link here >>> ] is the best. It has all the material needed to get people here in the IBEW up and running for the installation and design of solar systems

  5. Michael Crowder says:

    if anyone is looking for some alternative energy sources then I recommend guide from this website since it's very well explained and also if you have any question they're supports is great [Awesome Plan Here >>> ]. These days electricity cost a lot so why not save your money

  6. Pragna Parikh says:

    That was very helpful.

  7. Orgasor says:

    Binge watching all your videos for tomorrow's AP Environmental Science Exam at 8 AM, Wooooo, so excited 🙁 Hope the exam goes well, also great work on these videos Mr. Anderson.

  8. Erik Sundell says:

    Well produced videos. But as a teacher in physics I dare not use them to educate my pupils, since the errors are to big and they will be misled. Start by fixing:

    Error 1: Watts is not a measure of energy. TWh, kWh and J are common measures of energy though. What did you really mean with your numbers?

  9. SemorreButte says:

    Your Outro Sounds like the ending of Mr.Bightside by The Killers

  10. Utkarsh Mishra says:

    How did you calculate that?

  11. Daniel Castro says:

    You're the best! Thank you

  12. Brandon Gray says:

    Your vids are so damn boring… 😴😴 we watch you in science class and I can't make it through half of your video without falling asleep 😴 do something to make it more fun so I can actually learn thanks

  13. Nevouti says:

    wind turbans lol

  14. Venkateshwaran M says:

    paul anderson sir can u help me in any video regarding equilibrium

  15. flexairz says:

    CO2 leading global warming?
    You just lost your science degree..!

    Biomass is a total loser as burning food and using perfectly good farmland for energy while millions are starving is madness.
    Solar and wind have one big failure as they are dependent on weather. Wind is even more landscape destructive and enormously expensive.
    Its all about energy density, nothing will beat liquid fuels and thorium power in the end.

  16. Alvin Tossler says:

    You win best teaching graphics of the year. The whole thing was pretty engaging, kudos

  17. Cara Diann says:

    And of course the first problem of the equation is…PROFIT MOTIVE.

    We need to change our fundamental way of recourse distribution and thinking.
    -The world should be run by science, technology, and intrinsic motivation.
    -The world should NOT be run by a labor system for profit/survival (especially in light of machine automation and cybernetics), Profit motive that leads to social inequality and a lot of crime, and a "democratic" government that is actually run by corporate interest as a result of fiat monetary corruption.

    Monetary trade is a corrupt system that generates corrupt behavior, and this in turn is the source of almost all structural violence in the world. Plain and simple.

    A return ratio of 1.3:1 is more than acceptable. Anything with a positive ratio is fine as long as it's renewable…The point is that it returns more than we put in. And over time, it will only get better. In todays world, we're looking at it from a monetary profit perspective, not an efficiency and symbiotic perspective.

    Great video. Thank you 🙂 I just had to rant.

  18. whykhr says:

    France, little old Ontario, Sweden all succeeded with Nuclear. The wealthiest nation in Europe, Germany, failed miserably with wind & solar. Whereas France got to 88% of their domestic electricity supply from Nuclear, the other 13% clean hydro for 100% clean electricity, Germany only managed 20% wind/solar/hydro in a similar time frame at twice the electricity price. Those are the facts. And advanced nuclear is vastly superior to renewables, a good example is: Wind & Solar have no place in the energy mix, there is just no rationale for using them, except for odd niche applications like off-grid homes or to reduce diesel fuel consumption in isolated settlements. Right now the ONLY reason we are seeing this big push on wind & solar is because Big Oil is using them as a diversion in order to prevent a new Nuclear expansion. Bait-And-Switch it is called. As Shell Oil states: " Wind and Solar are the Dancing Partners for our Natural Gas ". There are just so many problems with wind & solar that they are not a legitimate replacement for fossil fuels::

    Here I list a summary of some of the major problems of Wind & Solar energy and why it is quite flatly impossible for them to replace significant fossil fuels, and with well over $2 trillion already wasted on wind & solar, most of which will have to be replaced in the next 10 yrs. See the video: James Hansen & Michael Shellenberger: Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?

    Wind & solar are non-dispatchable, intermittent unreliable energy sources. They have severe geographic limitations, need transmission to be oversized by 3-10X, severe seasonal variations solar varies typically 6:1 summer:winter months over a wide swath of land from Northern USA, Canada, Northern Europe through Russia. With energy demand peaking in winter cold spells when solar & wind are minimum, and an energy demand peak during summer hot spells when wind is min, and wind, solar and hydro all peak in spring when energy demand is min. There is no viable energy storage method to compensate for those large seasonal variations. Add to that the EROI (energy return on invested) for Solar latest 2016 from Ferroni in Switzerland using Real World full lifecycle values is 0.82:1. In other words solar in a moderate climate is just a new-fangled way to burn fossil fuels. You need a minimum EROI of 14:1 to run a modern industrial civilization with health care, education, arts & culture, transportation, military, legal system, pensions.

    Without massive storage wind & solar are entirely dependent on fossil for 80% of the electricity supply and over 90% of the energy supply. And storage pushes the cost of wind & solar into the stratosphere and the EROI far below any viability. Total battery storage in all of California, including utility battery storage, electric vehicles, Tesla powerwalls and even auto batteries would only power the California grid for 30 mins. In fact all wind and solar does is replace a bit of fossil fuel in the shadowing fossil infrastructure, fuel worth 2 cents/kwh in the USA. Even less than that because wind & solar cause 20-50% cycling inefficiencies in the shadowing fossil power plants and also economically force the replacement of efficient baseload power plants, nuclear, supercritical coal, CCGT, hydro & geothermal with inefficient, fuel guzzling OCGT, conventional coal and diesel generation.

    Inescapable conclusion. Solar and wind are NOT a viable replacement for fossil fuel, in fact not physically capable of replacing fossil. In reality they are just greenwashing for natural gas. If you want a clean energy grid the only feasible options we have are hydro, nuclear and geothermal. And of those 3, only nuclear can scale up to replace all of our 90% fossil fuel energy supply.

  19. Lilo Leist says:

    Meanwhile the current US administration is putting the health of its pobulation at risk with toxic fracking, tar sand pipeline spills and dirty coal exhausts. US political dysfunctionality in action.

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