Renewable Energy 101

Energy sources that are not depleted when used or are naturally replenished within a human lifetime.

Learn more about renewable energy and all types of energy at
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  1. ECOOLOGY says:


  2. Mahad Cabdullahi says:

    good vid

  3. Władca Wymiaru says:

    "Renewable Energy" is bad joke, expensive joke! EU put 910 and over 1100 BILLIONS euro to "fight" global warming…i would be able to build ~100 thorium reactors for that money!

  4. Lane Gaspar says:

    Expect cheaper costs with your home’s energy consumption in the future with generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it). Its an excellent place to start saving cash by making some small adjustments in your house. You could be a person who wants to save the environment or a family man wishing to save on bills, this is definitely among the best methods you`ll have.

  5. Nathaniel Banks says:

    I am taking a course at the community college and use this book which is really excellent.If you are getting to Solar Energy, this [link here >>> ] book is a must.

  6. Michael Crowder says:

    I have been in the renewable energy field for some time now and have used many products for instructional purposes, but this [link here >>> ] is the best. It has all the material needed to get people here in the IBEW up and running for the installation and design of solar systems

  7. Sara Álvarez says:

    Congrats for the video 🙂

  8. Giovanni Tomasello says:

    This is a well-made video, but it could have gone into a little more detail on the main topics.

  9. Josiah Walker says:

    this is what i am doing for a science project

  10. LETHAL says:

    to educacional i dislike

  11. Cytro Ntek says:

    Can we add a subtitle in indonesian lenguage for this video ? If we use auto translate the rythm is not as fast as the audio

  12. KLS says:

    Super! then why civil organisations and NGO which claim to encourage green technologies and prevent climate change are against hydro power plants ?! especially againts to the small and micro hydro power plants which are "run-of-river" power plants and that means these are NOT blocking the river but are taking only a small part of the water.

  13. Harold Lindstrom says:

    I'm taking a training course in solar panel installation, repair and maintenance. My instructor recommended this book [link here ::   ] as an excellent resource along with the course. I'm finding it invaluable. By buying it through Amazon, I saved considerable money and received it very quickly.

  14. Very Liberal/Progressive Atheist says:

    America needs to transform its energy system. As far as energy goes and the environment, obviously renewable energy is the way to go but it can also help the economy. There's just a huge advancement and more jobs waiting to happen.

  15. James Henry Smith says:

    Perpetual motion/Free energy is real. Finsrud, Bhaskara, and Bessler made the most successful ones. Many others have also built ones. Many have even been falsely denounced, like Aldo Costa.

  16. Scott Hunt says:

    Hydropower has been by far the most effective, at least in my country. Solar is only useful for specialized tasks such as powering a single house. Hydroelectricity seems to be the best for broad distribution of power to large cities and so on.

  17. Lexy Miau says:


  18. xlofficial says:

    The music sounds like the one they use on the plane while giving the safety info😂

  19. Jack Chambers says:

    lol great vid 11/10

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