Ready2Go Frequently Asked Questions “how many solar panels?” and “will it run a whole house?”

This is Part One of an example of an Off Grid PV System using the Ready2Go™ used to completely power a house. Backup for this home is a generator. Also these are the two most frequently asked Questions about sizing a small system and its use as a home “Personal Solar System” (PSS). For more videos and more information visit our website at

Like many people I was wondering if the Harbor Freight 45 watt solar panel is worth it.

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20 Responses to Ready2Go Frequently Asked Questions “how many solar panels?” and “will it run a whole house?”

  1. mikethepainter says:
    check this out before you spend good money on a harbor freigh solar panel kit

  2. Harvey Rosen says:

    I’d use it in thе hоuѕе when thе роwеr gоеѕ оut. I’d uѕе it tо find the сirсuit panel  [ Check Details here === ] whеn I рlug in tоо mаnу thingѕ in thе саmреr. So mаnу uses. Hаѕ bееn оn mу wish liѕt.

  3. Claudio Parker says:

    I рlаn tо mainly use it fоr роwеr оutаgеѕ. Hоwеvеr, I mау аlѕо uѕе it in thе hen hоuѕе аt night [ Check Details here === ]! Thiѕ could also bе ѕеt оn flаѕh аnd placed оn top оf аn аntеnnа mаѕt! Thаt wау ultrа-light рilоtѕ wоuld know to avoid the area!

  4. John Pullette says:

    This quick and easy method, you can have nearly unlimited amounts of battery power …for nearly no cost [Check Details Here==> ]. Enough to even live off-grid and power all of your devices an electronics! This easy method works for nearly all kinds of old/dead batteries too…

  5. Captain Caveman says:

    harbor freight had a sidewalk sale and I got 3 kits for $49. each….135 Watts for $149…= 9 panels, 3 charge controllers 6 lights and all the wire'n , .. have also 1800 watt inverter and 2 marine batterys….runs my whole 22 foot travel trailer…. awesome…

  6. Prepared 2 Thrive says:

    Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive

  7. truth seeker says:

    No, get at least a hundred watt.

  8. bruce cowles says:

    how many  12 volt batteries can you connect to one charge contoller displayer with how amps. are max

  9. Casey McBride says:

    ah NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and NO. research boys you can do better than that

  10. Kevin Bastian says:

    Works well… Superman does good.

  11. Old Conspiracy Dude says:

    how many days does it take to charge three batteries with 45 W

  12. clayborn Lewis says:

    what do you have for 110 out of all that will it use an inverter good size inverter and run anything important like a big screen TV or refrigerator or any of that crap I mean you just showed us to 12 volt system what can you run off of that nothing hardly

  13. Tim Ross says:

    my panels only charge ,11.4. what am I doing wrong?

  14. FunWithRy says:

    Nice! Just subbed to your chann. I just bought my panels 👍🏻

  15. John Lucero says:

    I just picked up a 150 watt solar panel for $155 with free shipping. I picked up a pwm charge controller for $17 and a 300 watt inverter for $28. That's less then $200 and 3 times the power for the same price as the harbor freight kit….. Oh and my panel is only about one and a half of the harbor freight panels

  16. Pirate Outlaw says:

    Would it hurt anything by covering them a few inches off the top with some Durable Plexiglass Sheets ? and add some long wiper blades like made for large windshields to help clean the plexiglass from time to time ? Great vid thx .
    ////ÐΛЯΞ †o ÐЯΞΛM\\ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅☠)̲̅$̲̅]

  17. J Marcy says:

    We have a set at our business for the lights on the outdoor sign. They have been in service for 5 years straight, including the controller and we have been happy with it's reliability and performance.

  18. Jay Jenkins says:

    I Have used 2 of these systems. Ok for 2 batteries but don't charge quickly. I used for rope lighting in the woods and 12v lights in tree house. I've since upgraded to bigger panels and controller and running 120v florescent light's, water heater, water pump and soon a mini fridge. all depends what you want. if had to do over, I would have not bought them. fun to experiment with though.

  19. David Soto says:

    how's the panels, did they last? they look like cheap quality panels.

  20. marko Sebastian says:

    this is awesome, great job for sharing this video.. its interesting..

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