Quantum Harvest Model 6000 Portable Solar Power System

This is our flagship portable EMP-protected solar power system. Large enough to run most anything. Ideal for remote camps and cottages, and remote jobsites. Check out our other models at http://www.quantumharvest.net
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7 Responses to Quantum Harvest Model 6000 Portable Solar Power System

  1. 72+HourBOB says:

    The workmanship on this is over the top. Fine job young man.

  2. jim never says:

    Do you have any Florida distributors?

  3. Terry Texas says:

    Nothing wrong with the display nor the camera, it is just an artifact of the recording speed of the camera/flashing rate of the LED's.

  4. jesse hagenbeck says:

    why is it that the specs on your web site say the battery bank is run at 12 volts but you have the inverter that runs off a 24 volt setup?

  5. Hunter says:

    Amazing engineering

  6. Jason Khammo says:

    how much is it to buy or build?

  7. Carl Von says:

    Wow, you are good Gary. Looking forward to other videos of your other units. You think of everything. Great job !!!!!!!!

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