Pro Tour Kaladesh Deck Tech with Willy Edel: Red-Green Energy

Want to attack your opponent for 40 damage on turn 4? This deck can do it. Hall of Fame Pro Willy Edel shows off his Red-Green based Pummeler deck.
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green energy
by mrlins

8 Responses to Pro Tour Kaladesh Deck Tech with Willy Edel: Red-Green Energy

  1. Theo the Greek Thunder says:

    I play r/g green aggrieved splashing energy its more of a aggrieved deck with only 3 energy creature

  2. Demiveemon 22 says:

    Reminds me of Theros block and killing with favored hoplite turn 3

  3. Fimontronia says:

    How to beat it? I'm running RW. I try casting burn spell. But they cast hexproof. Then pump huge, and hit with double strike.

  4. Daniel Despres says:

    Mark Rosewater is an idiot. How do you invent a mechanic with no way to keep it in check? There's literally nothing I can think of that takes away energy. It wouldn't be so bad if it was hard to amass but it's super easy. First a 13/13 flier out as early as turn 7, then a 4 ability PW on turn 4, now a bunch of titans out by turn 4 as well? Guy needs to be demoted lmao

  5. Jeremy Fraser says:

    Anyone know what's in the side board

  6. ERGTDK says:

    you need more energy generation in your deck if you're running electrostatic pummeler, no wonder this guy has yet to win a match

  7. vanguardduelist says:

    I love this deck. It's almost the same as my build! I run hellion though. Maybe not?

  8. SILENTZ0MBIE says:

    had almost this exact deck the day the set was out.

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