Portable Solar Power Home lighting System Energy Kit

Portable Solar Power Home lighting System Energy Kit

Portable Solar Power Home System Energy Kit Include 4 in 1 USB Cable Solar Panel 2 Lamps For Lighting and Charging Everywhere

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  1. Baishakhi Chowdhury says:


  2. Roni BaR says:

    Rag kotio

  3. Jeff Johns says:

    I am very satisfied for purchasing this item from here [link here>>>https://t.co/WqSHhReOxS ] .Delivery date was very early than expected. Thanks!

  4. Ganesh Pawar says:

    What is max selling price of the product

  5. Cyno Acrylate says:

    Just got one delivered 2 days ago , specs are –

    9v 3w solar panel
    6v 4.5AH sealed lead acid battery ( add says 4v 4AH battery though ? )
    2 x 6v 0.9w led bulbs
    2 x 3m light cables with switches
    1 x USB multi plug phone charger lead
    30 hours running 1 bulb
    15 hours running 2 bulbs

    Price £17.30 off ebay

    The bulbs are stated as being 100lm , but 1 lights my kitchen like a 40w 230v light bulb does
    The battery box has 3 led indicators for the charge level and mine came showing all 3 led's illuminated ( fully charged ) but i still put it on the solar panel for a day and when connected the 3 leds flash to show there is charge from the panel .
    Sat here trying it out as the kitchen light source for the night and so far it's duller than the 4 foot strip light but certainly enough light for the wife to opperate her coffee machine over in the corner of the room .
    Worked out that using a single bulb should drain 2 amps a night ( 12 hours ) so the little solar panel should be able to keep the battery topped up utilising the 7 hours of UK winter daylight we have available , Summer will see less hours of darkness and longer hours of usable daylight so i envisage the unit can cope with both bulbs burning and still keep the battery topped up .
    A deffinate must have for the summer camping trips especially iff your not paying extra for the electric hookup on a site .
    Using 1 bulb you should be able to keep a phone charged as well without problem .
    As a prepper / emergency lighting item then just get one and be amazed by how technology has allowed such a small unit to perform so well .
    Sorry iff it sounds like a sales pitch but i am so impressed with this unit after years of playing around with solar lighting that for the price it is a real must have item .
    Edit – Just got another in an aution for £15.99 , starting price and no one else bid ?.
    So i am now the proud ower of 2 of these units .

  6. Ramesh Jayapathy says:

    it is really works

  7. caroll Garcia says:

    My sister Lives in Puerto Rico and has no elec
    Will this help her w lighting up a room

  8. balister gupta says:

    sir battery backup kitne hours ka h.please reply.and dealar NUMBER

  9. Me Anne Pastorin says:

    how much?where can i buy that solar light

  10. Yeshua Valentino says:

    Hi my place will get direct sunlight which will shine directly to the solar panel about 3 hours and the rest of the day is just a sun light shine….will it gives a full charge ?

  11. the Maldivian says:

    how long does the battery last. and how long does it take to charge it with solar

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