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Buyer's guide for solar panels it's the good stuff for cheap.

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  1. MrGordy61 says:

    Check out http://simplysolar.supporttopics.com/latest or builditsolar.com These can collectors do work well, BUT are very labor intensive with cutting the ends out of the cans and washing the insides to remove any residue of what was in the can, then gluing then together. The guy's at these link have designed several types of screen collectors.Window screen replaces the cans in the collector.They are getting as much and more heat with the screen as they were getting with the cans.

    Also you are losing heat to the outside by letting the collector get that hot. By running fans to keep the collector to 120f max, you will lose a lot less heat out through the glazing and get more BTU's into the building. I use PV panels to run my fans, with on at 90f / off at 85f snap switch for heating my house.

  2. Scott Kuehn says:

    Your temperature measurements are meaningless without also measuring the amount of airflow through the collector. The point of a solar collector is to produce the maximum amount of thermal energy being transferred to the air. This is measured by the temperature increase in a measured volume of air. The way to do that is to measure the temperature difference between the incoming air and the outgoing air for the volume of air being moved; e.g. degrees increase per cubic foot of air flow. What you are doing is like trying to measure a wall area by only measuring its height – meaning less without also knowing the walls width.

  3. Rick X says:

    Nice to know what the temperature is INSIDE THE BUILDING… Nice to know temp inside the unit. but who cares? does it heat the room sufficiently to be able to live inside & not be dressed like an eskimo.

  4. Shantay Madison says:

    Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'inplix' website:)

  5. uride4life says:

    as long as the sun is out , it always brings in hot air

  6. Malcolm Walters says:

    How well does this work when it is -20c outside?

  7. What...the...funk! says:

    If the majority of people actually would see how easy it is to produce your own heat and electricity. on the free energy premise for your home. All the major power companies would be out of business. growing up in the 70's and 80's in the sticks before there was the mass power grid. We used free energy to heat and power our house.

  8. Doug Sherwood says:

    its been a number of years now…hows it perform now? was wondering whats the temp get up to inside the building/room…not just out of the box.

  9. Pop's Shack says:

    You can run a fan without batteries.

  10. startsavingenergy1 says:

    this is awesome.. got to get all the materials and build.. so excited..

  11. Paul Sowinski says:

    where'd you get the glass? and how much $ ?

  12. Mike Callies says:

    No pop cans ? Then what is inside ? And how is it vented to the indoors . 2 holes upper and lower or just 1 ?

  13. Jim Bo 007 says:

    Dog was having a good relaxing video .

  14. Nico Iannone says:

    I was stationed on the Canadian border in Northern Maine in the early 70s. Mother Earth magazine had plans on how to build this type of thing with wrapping paper tubes and a cardboard box. We just wedged it into the bottom of a slightly opened window. Worked pretty good even with outside temps of 30 below. Nice to see the basic concept finally caught on.

  15. James Recker says:

    How many square feet will this unit heat?

  16. 04snopro says:

    Hey Jeff I'm a wisconie also… I like your design. can you help me out with plans to build one of these?

  17. pureforce56 says:

    Youre confused. Its convex not concave

  18. Alto's Music Lab says:

    Why not paint the outside black while you were at it?

  19. Joseph Beck says:

    I might be mistaken but just looking at the video, you said it was a concave design. according to your video it is actually a convex design.

  20. uride4life says:

    Sorry if you look close My solar does not have pop cans . It is just under solar pop cans for youtube

  21. Robert Anderson says:


  22. Donald Badeaux says:

    Why don't you admitthat you are a salesman for this company…Someone once said that there are liars, and damned liars…Which one are you?

  23. Nate Schroeder says:

    They may make up some cost in their shipping.

  24. Patsy Goodman says:

    I have been in the renewable energy field for some time now and have used many products for instructional purposes, but this [link here >>>https://t.co/wNanFvWyMg ] is the best. It has all the material needed to get people here in the IBEW up and running for the installation and design of solar systems

  25. dorothy brown says:


  26. Virtual Me says:

    Are you wasted?

  27. I'm Grateful says:

    While Alte appears to be a really good solar dealer, it does NOT have the lowest prices for 100 Watt solar panels.  I have just bought one on Amazon for less than $100 and a 100 Watt flexible on Amazon for $119 (2 week delivery from Hong Kong).  Both of these are monocrystalline panels.  This is NOT a put down of Alte but a contradiction of this presentation which says Alte is the low cost provided.  It simply is not true.

  28. Steven Bailey says:

    How many I need to make coffee at 1100 watts

  29. jhon maclain says:

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  30. Bob Pietraszewski says:

    Is he in his closet???

  31. Kegir Pogan says:

    Our grandchildren ѕtау with uѕ оftеn and they wоuld lоvе tо hаvе thiѕ available in a power outage [ Check Details here ===https://plus.google.com/u/2/110086446704524205338/posts/GMDnUgbHHFz ]. Also, I wоuld uѕе it as a light to ѕее with when I tаkе mу dog outside аt night.

  32. Richardson Bruckner says:

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  33. Clydetheglide says:

    This might be stupid but could you put an automatic sun adjusting filter to prevent solar panels from getting too hot since their best operating temperature is about 77 degrees fahrenheit? I don't know much about solar so forgive me for my ignorance .

  34. anthony arguelles says:

    what is a good heat resistant solar panel brand? I live in southern AZ and it gets in the 100 pretty regularly here in the summer

  35. CathyAnn says:

    Looking at altestore.com, I noticed that some solar panels are 12 volt, some 20 volt, etc. Can you recommend a website or book that explains which voltage one needs for their system. I'm thinking in terms of a Class C RV with enough power to run a blender, electronics, etc.

    I would appreciate all the help you can give me as to where to look for the pertinent information. Thank you!

  36. Asappeh Acres Heritage Homestead says:

    The $230 shipping price (for just one panel) might be a deal breaker for some people.

  37. bcmasur says:

    It's nice to see a fairly recent video showing $0.65/W. I just paid $90 for a 100W 12V shipped, from somewhere else… Is shipping included of the $/W figure?

  38. H. Tomasz Grzybowski says:

    My tel.+48-780-129-544, email: htg@interia.pl I invented a breakthrough sustainable source of energy, based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit Theory.
    It will be useful e.g. for laptops and for cellular telephones.
    I am looking for seed/start-up capital in the range $500 000 to $5Million

  39. Romeo Baltunado says:

    shipping fee will kill your wallet.

  40. cracker Craver says:

    so white! so pale! so bright!

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