Passive Solar Simplified 6; Case study of a truly green home

Video Part 6 of 6: a passive solar home addition and remodel case study in Denver, Colorado

Architect Thomas Doerr shows just what you need to know about passive solar home design to save over 80% of your home’s heating and cooling bills. You will learn what you need to do to take advantage of the clean, free heating and cooling from the sun, and to lessen your dependence on volatile dirty energy sources. You will know the sustainable design strategies that save money, your health and hopefully the planet.

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In 2008 Guisepi bought a short school bus, converted the engine to run on vegetable oil, and created stunningly beautiful interior with recycled furniture. Today the bus “Edna Lu” is a solar home for Guisepi and his partner Ally.

The bus is also a mobile tea house! serving free tea to anyone and everyone, wherever it goes.

Watch Guisepi giving a tour of his radical tiny house, and showing the ins and outs of waste vegetable oil. In the end Guisepi tells the story in his own words, explaining his motive behind free tea. I love the reflection on economy, and “genuine human connections”!

You can understand Guisepi and the teabus more from their website’s FAQ. The site is, and Facebook and Instagram handle is freeTeaParty.

Humans Awake is a series of video interviews by Cheng Liu, to tell you about the people she meets on the road. Friends, strangers, travelers and everyday people from all walks of life, share a bit of their story and inspirations. These people are the reason why I have faith in humanity. I hope this brings you positivity too. Follow the whole series at or Most people will be from east coast of America, occasionally other countries too as I travel there.
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28 Responses to Passive Solar Simplified 6; Case study of a truly green home

  1. memyselfI2013 says:

    Great design – a total transformation.

  2. Nephtys80 says:

    Thank you so much for creating this series, great introduction to the topic! The site where we plan to build our house has a line of deciduous trees – not on the property – blocking sunlight from about 3 o'clock in the afternoon in summer, and presumably a lot earlier in winter. We may only be allowed to build a one-storey house, we're still waiting to hear about building regulations for the area: does it still make sense to use passive solar in this situation, or is that just not enough winter sun?ย 

  3. Richard Hyde says:

    Great series of informative video's. Thanks for posting. Interesting too how we can get of the grid quite easily if we wanted to.

  4. Doerr Architecture says:

    Easily, it has been done many times.

  5. Mojalefa Masopha says:

    It's a smart design… I like it, I like it a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. MartinCNVideos says:

    Good info. I'm about to make an offer on a badass double envelope home. These videos make me happy.

  7. TheMrKrause says:

    Very informative series. Thank you.

  8. Doerr Architecture says:

    @bokomaru4 Thank you. I would be delighted to design one for you.

  9. Tamara Weber says:

    "Very Smart young man"

  10. Phil Verry says:

    He is very cute but I want to separate his mono brow. Maybe his gf likes it, who am I to say?

  11. Kath Butt says:

    This book [link here >>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system.

  12. k nels says:

    hey. We met you outside of the Orange Peel in Asheville at a Water Protector event. You offered to pay our way in when you found out we just returned from ND.
    Thanks for all you do.

  13. cowpoke02 says:

    donation free tea … best way . take quarters change or free.

  14. WorldPeace2016 says:

    Open ended sharing creating threads is deep and on point ! < 3

  15. Brandon Kirkwood says:

    What a beautiful story and person! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Linda V says:

    Italians, so darned smart!! How do you support yourself? You live on the bus?

  17. Darryl F. Singleton says:

    What kind of system do you use to recover heat from the engine for hot showers?

  18. Deborah Davis says:

    What a beautiful and amazing idea! I very much enjoyed your video and hearing your wonderful plan. In this digital age we are forgetting to make REAL connections, such a simple change that can change lives. Bravo – can't wait to see your book(s) in the near future. You remind me a lot of a modern day hippie – and please believe me I say that in a COMPLETELY good way!

  19. ReesyCup Phoenix says:

    Good job. Thanks guys. Best wishes!

  20. Mark Sky the Off-Grid RV Guy says:

    very cool stuff. I got a big 71 Dodge commander id like to get a veggie oil system going on. ๐Ÿ˜„

  21. Mad Planet says:

    hey tree hugger
    offer some of your free tea to isis
    or someone who's "life matters"
    see what that gets you

  22. T Adams says:

    I really like how the inside of the bus is decorated, all the wood is awesome!

  23. buggeroff says:

    Brilliant bus.

  24. Panel Van Dan says:

    nice video! good way to meet other people. im really interested in your veggie oil set up, i have a 93 E350 with a 7.3 ltr diesel that i would like to convert to veggie oil.

  25. dmcdowell1960 says:


  26. Nissim Nave says:

    very inspiring! thank you!

  27. bryson502 says:

    i want his bus blueprint

  28. Panda Monium says:

    Awesome setup. …great video thanks for sharing

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