Passive solar glass home: feng shui in North Carolina

A passive solar dream house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “Until you live in a glass house I don’t think you notice as much how the sun moves,” explains homeowner Cliff Butler. “We see it move daily.”
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19 Responses to Passive solar glass home: feng shui in North Carolina

  1. Chuck Stark says:

    I like this guy!

  2. Brandon Burrell says:

    "The less natural resources that you can use, the better. Don't you agree?".
    Yes, I agree.

  3. Kenz300 x says:

    Every new home should be built energy efficient and come with solar panels and battery storage.
    Save energy and you will save money.

  4. TheGranti7a says:

    A smart republican. They are out there. 😉✌️

  5. Jerilyn Coderre says:

    This is great. You are ahead of your time. I like the ending. Waste less, well done.

  6. michael pound says:

    Ok, just a few points. In deep, dark winter, often there is no sun. Sometimes you can have a whole winter with lots of cloud. I like the north end tucked into the ground. The lightweight curtains  would surely be ripped to shreds inside a year on the western side, where I live. Is this house located in the sunshine forest, where no storms occur? Seriously with low temperatures, and no sun for days, and sooo much glass, this house, with its open space, could become shiver palace…..

  7. Peter Koo says:

    what ?????

  8. The Skeptical Synergist Dude says:

    Should these fundamental common sense design concepts be required knowledge for an architect? Beautiful video, did I miss the feng shui aspect?

  9. Guzzi venture says:


  10. John Johnson says:

    No idea why there would be even the 5 'thumbs down' votes on this. The gentleman in this video knew what he was doing!! I would love to take many of these ideas to my retirement home that I want to start to build in the next ten years.

  11. cannapeas says:

    I'll give credit where credit is due. But this house is still beyond the means of a lot of people. The concept is of course genuine. But we need to show people how to make the natural world work for their survival. Instead of outsourcing. Where you find outsourcing, there is some greedy little man sitting behind a desk stealing daily. I personally have had enough of that.

  12. PEPENoe says:

    about how much did it cost you to build this beauty?

  13. kismetau says:

    Clever man 👏

  14. GR△△VENICS says:

    He doesn't like using up a lot of resources yet he lives in a huge 4000 sft + home,

  15. Rick Flak says:


  16. Ingersollcanada says:

    This guy is my hero!

  17. Tom Stone says:

    I have an ordinary contractor built subdivision house that has a lot of south facing glass and I have gone the whole winter so far with broken heater. I don't even have as much glass as that guy but I can vouch for the 55 degree thing. Rarely will it go below that and it has to be in the teens out.  You'd think that all homes should be required to put in south facing glass but nope, instead they are required to have resource-wasting central heat (at least in our state). And homes with large south facing windows are pretty hard to find. Instead of planting trees, they plant sod. What a strange set of priorities buyers have. They want things that will cost them more money. I don't get it.

  18. Cheap Cheap Prepper says:

    If all of you are in such awe of this guy have you heard of Mike Reynolds? He has been designing and building passive solar homes for something like 30 years. Just saying. This is not the first guy to build this kind of structure. And instead of posting comments on youtube like "I wish it was my house" and "I wish I had a house like that" go out and do it. Don't wait for someone to give you the design for it or build it for you. Go out there and make some mistakes. Learn something new and create something new. Stop walking lock step with the rest of the sheep out there. One last thing for the sheep of the world. Break away from the pack every once in a while and do your own thing. Be a rebel with a cause.

  19. Anthony Rizzo says:

    If everybody could just get the simple sense that this man makes. It's not about politics or religion it's just simple personal independence.

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