Off grid solar power

A quick tour of my solar power system and how I put it all together.
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Guide to Major Off-Grid System Components.
Many of you have asked for more in-depth explanations of the equipments installed.

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System specs and major component parts:
48Volt Nominal System
4100Watt Solar Array (18 x 230Watt SoPray Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels)
4400Watt 48V Magnum Pure-Sine Inverter,
Outback FM80 80Amp Charge Controller with MPPT
16 x Centennial L-16 6V Deep Cycle Batteries
Main Enclosure Panel (Custom API E-Panel)
MidNite Solar 6 String Combiner Box
UniSolar Roof Rack and Fast Jack Mounting

**Solar power arrays and components are designed to be installed by professionals. They are Dangerous electrical instruments. Misuse could result in injury or death. Please do not try this at home.
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40 Responses to Off grid solar power

  1. Chris Cross says:

    Because everyone puts locks on their outhouse.

  2. tyler hardy says:

    what part of az is this in? its beautiful I got property in ash fork az

  3. variabletime says:

    4000 watts @12 volts=333.33 Amps. Maybe you should switch to a 24 volt inverter. A 12 volt setup is safe up to 1500 watts, 2000 watts max.

  4. Roger Baker says:

    I got the 24 VOLT version of your AIMS Inverter/Charger I love it !

  5. Al Semi -Back-Up says:

    Advice , Cover your batteries from your inverter.and vent them out of the building. Just saying.

  6. Bostjan Trancar says:

    All big things start small… 👍

  7. rjd048 says:

    There is a simple way to keep the cows at bay. You have solar power , right around the compound area put some "T" fence posts and single wire around the fence post, then you have a electric fence that will keep the cows from around the basic living area.

  8. James stranger says:

    yea the cables are half the size they need to be. the 2/0 should cover it.

  9. James stranger says:

    I thought about building a shack like that. but maybe like the tardis. because its bigger on the inside!!!.. but for my well. I'm thinking about keeping my solar equipment in the house.

  10. Ontario Lakeside says:

    Great video, we just finished our off grid system using a lithium ion battery. you can check out our channel if your interested.

  11. Styx62 Ga says:

    First outhouse I've seen a foot off the dirt✌️😂

  12. Brent Sharpnack says:

    Great job on the cables though

  13. Brent Sharpnack says:

    "Im not a millionaire"
    but you own a $8,000 dollar trailer 🤔

  14. OffGridHawaii says:

    Great idea with the decoy out house.

  15. R C says:

    How do you find the 2 gauge wire? I'm going with exact same battery bank setup and a 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter. This is where I get confused. There's so many different opinions on the wire size. I'd love to go with 2 gauge as well.

  16. thisisme0214 says:

    not bad.

  17. Carl Von says:

    Nice setup, if you ever buy a new inverter look into a brand called samlex Hope your roof faces south on the big shed. You could one day use that to mount more panels. Good job….

  18. tdtsjlmiller says:

    would love links or info on where to buy all the parts to this??

  19. closertothetruth says:

    Nice set up, keep an eye on the aims theye can give up on you

  20. Nick A says:

    Hi, looks great… I wanted to tell you to be careful of that battery switch. Both me and a friend that have off grid systems had them fail pretty badly. I don't want the same thing to happen to other people that happened to us.

  21. Kenz300 x says:

    All new buildings and remodels need to be energy efficient and come with solar panes and battery storage.
    All garages need to come with 220 volt outlets for charging electric vehicles.
    In a few years electric vehicles will be the standard. Fossil fuels are the past.

  22. Kenz300 x says:

    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base line power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
    Sign me up.  A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.

  23. Donald Hoover says:

    Nice work. Your ground setup looks a little dangerous. A direct strike can super heat the ground wire and ignite any flammable surfaces it is in contact with. I worked signal maintenance on the railroad. Often found wooden surfaces the ground was fastened to or passed through deeply chard, or simply incinerated. Grounds need to be as short and direct as possible. Critical locations had multiple grounds all tied together to keep runs as short as possible and as straight as possible. Your location looks critical to me. I would think about adding a second rod and keep anything that can burn away from the ground wire.

  24. Honest job Slave says:

    can i use this model for a slightly smaller system setup like a a system that produces about 1000 watts of power per day

  25. Grim Engineer says:

    Why do you keep calling the negative cables neutral? Did you tie the negative side to ground or something? Why? DC bus should be floating from ground. Less shock hazard that way.

  26. Peter Niemi says:

    Great video.

  27. Janeth Solidad says:

    This is awesome solar power system, I wish I could have one..

  28. Carmelina Rosinski says:

    Check InpliX handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

  29. Nyght myst says:

    did you build this or did a professional do it??

  30. Raymond Balcom says:

    wow thats a long run 9how many feet?)to your panels….what size PV wire are you running?

    10 ? 8? 6AWG…?

  31. P Rude says:

    So whats the voltage off the batteries 192DVC

  32. Shimaa Amer says:

    good video
    how can you calculate and design the system ?

  33. grimthereeper says:

    So basically the Inverter converts it from Thomas Edison to Nikola Tesla.

  34. Klaxz _ says:

    How much do you save a year with the solar power ?:D looks fun to make

  35. Shannon Smith says:

    Can I ask approximately how much your system cost

  36. Fhrederic Batarilan says:

    i like your diagram can i have please. thank you

  37. Smashsmashman says:

    that grounding bar is too high

  38. Sara Ausar says:

    Excellent video… very informative. Do you have a hard copy of the schematic you can share, email electronic copy.

  39. Noah Wilding says:

    Did you also ground your inverter?

  40. Noah Wilding says:

    When you grounded your negative, did you only ground the negative from the solar?

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