Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-Grid Solar Power System


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20 Responses to Off-Grid Solar Power System

  1. Robert Polito says:

    How many years do a panel last for you?

  2. John Citizen says:

    Hundred thousand dollars….. I was about to say, wow, it's so automated and well organsied and clean…. yeah $100K, that'd be why.

  3. Shannan Schisler says:

    I will make it. Just got instructions from InpliX website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  4. Gerald Juaquin says:

    Having your own solar power system is amazing.. your not just saving energy and money but also the environment.

  5. Ruben says:

    Nice, too expensive but very useful and the effect in the environment is superb!

  6. EarMode says:

    We use the same batteries in the Army to run critical base communications and telephone switches. We do a 36V to inverter system via 2V in series and then parallel 2 banks (lot of batteries). Now, only if we could get the Army to use solar and wind to keep them charged.

  7. Jon Phillips says:

    Great video. What are the make and model of your batteries?

  8. Kian Joo Tan says:

    If You Take Off The Power Inverter You Will Get Better Solar Power Install Power In to Your Batery About 99% Nonthing Will Loss With All 12 Volt Systerm DC To Run All Your 12 Volt Applicates TV Radio Vacum Frige Freezer Rices Cocker Computer Projector Iphone Ipad Charger and Laptop Key Board Organ 5.1 Amp Sound Systerm and Many May More Fine out My New 12 Volt Systerm Run Your house 2015 Goto Your Youtube Check It Out Type This and Seach In Youtube My Video Will Update Soon .I Have Bein doing this solar power about 25 years 

    12 Volt House Off Grid No Inverter
    International Scouting

  9. richard michalko says:

    i need a tissue to confligate  the drooling

  10. MrMeanderthal says:

    if you have to add water every two weeks you charging current is too high.. 

  11. Romo Jack says:

    Awesome System

  12. MtotheM says:

    Great setup.

  13. Steve Driscoll says:

    What brand are you using for your solar panels?

  14. FM Solution says:

    Wondering if you can forward the material used or what "complete package" to order.
    Why you took Xantrex vs Outback vs trace engineering

    Greatly appreciated

  15. PVfeasibilitystudy says:

    See here more info about Hybrid Energy Kit

  16. peter lourey says:

    A well pump is basically a motor, look into wind power if you get a breeze their otherwise a total of 8 – 10 kilowatts of solar power would take care of that. Google that you can get either a 10 KW solar panels or wind turbine for around $10,000.00.

  17. sunsensational says:

    Great vid. U gave me awesome idea with that cooler watering method. Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty surprised u have had so many panels go bad. At least they are warrantied

  18. dimaggio david says:

    Green energy -Newton was wrong granted, all who show machines with no plans =fake all who have plans and (of course) no machine fake this one has video, math in description and all specs measured in front of you in the film and no money it is free information all on the video and a 16 year old could build it ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  19. Rivka Parsells says:

    Impressed with this system. Planning stage of an Off-grid system. Love the clean installation. Can you provide the name of the firm who engineered and installed the system? Thanks

  20. Nipomo Beach says:

    Great video, I'm looking into a solar system. My goal is to substantially produce what I use. Most recommendations are to generate enough to use only the lower tier rates from PG&E. It looked like you were producing 552 watts. Is that 10% of capacity?

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