Off Grid Solar Power System Upgrade Plans

Short video talking about upgrade plans for the retreat off grid solar power system.
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I recently decided to power my shed using solar energy. The process of setting it up was quite simple and not too expensive,

In this video I’ll show off my setup, talk about what you need, what you can and cannot power from such a system and talk about the math.

The math is the most import part of all this.

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  1. Oscar Lechuga says:

    Sir, I am "new" to this technology, so please excuse my ignorance on this question. I am confused in the following, … won't that "long" wire run, from the plateau for your new installation and to your house, be somewhat self-defeating because of the "loss-factor" in the long-run of the wiring?
    Thank you Sir, for your video.

  2. anthony marino says:

    always learning

  3. FullSpectrumSurvival says:

    Good planning brother.

  4. Cliff Willson says:

    excellent project, looking forward to seeing how it takes shape, best 73's

  5. Samual Whittemore says:

    Keep on with the solar tests/experiments/projects. I something new every time I watch your channel. Keep up the good work! Thanks :))

  6. kain966 says:

    I look forward to seeing this series of video. I live in a suburban area but my goals are to eventually transition out to the sticks. Love your vids man.

  7. Reality Survival & Prepping says:

    Looks like that will be a great upgrade!

  8. 2ARights says:

    Your videos are great.  I'm new to solar but don't inverters have a low voltage cutoff?

  9. P.A. Prepper says:

    Very cool plan, this will be a great series / playlist to follow. Looking forward to it! Best of luck – 73

  10. smokejumper0110 says:

    What AC charger are you using?

  11. icurnet says:

    Hank, very sound plans and the adjustability of a ground mount array man's you can squeeze out max power from your panels. any plans for a solar tracker?

  12. USChanin says:

    Wow, quick answer, I was still watching your video when you responded. Thank You. Did you get Faraday for all the electronics yet? A galvanized trash can and cardboard is all you need.

  13. USChanin says:

    Do you have bee hives up at the retreat? I seen bugs flying in front of the camera. What were they, flies?

  14. 1johnmthompson says:

    Very nice
    I am glad you realized your mistakes before it was all you had. I am also glad you shared.
    Respectfuly John

  15. Chris DIYer says:

    Looking forward to the build! Are you going to stick with a 12v system?

  16. TRprepper says:

    You have a nice field of view, and being able to adjust them throughout the year is a big plus. You don't realize how much difference the height of the sun is from winter to summer into you get into solar panels. Look forward to the project, take care man!

  17. Pat Hopkins says:

    I have several ideas in planning … I will keep up with your progress =)
    1. Concrete base for soft soil conditions =)
    2. Spare AC conduit with pull cable for future or problems =)
    3. Grounding … grounding …. grounding ….. AC …. DC ….. lightning =)
    4. Separate COMMs wiring conduit =)
    5. Plan drainage away from panels and equipment =)
    6. Always plan 50% growth in any electrical system ( also part of USA NEC code =)
    …. just a few things to think about =)
    Very Good Project for anyone anywhere as a way to save money and learn what is necessary in your life's living =)

  18. TheMountainRN says:

    Looking forward to your Packet videos

  19. VE5LPL says:

    Hopefully you won't drain them again… Looks like a good plan


  20. SurvivalComms says:

    Looks like it will be a sweet setup. Thanks for sharing !

  21. jhon maclain says:

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  22. Curtis Carr says:

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  23. Keiron Phillip says:

    do you really need fuses for 10 w solar panel system

  24. notyoung says:

    Sorry, but inverters do NOT "waste" the extra energy as heat. I have a 500 watt pure sine wave inverter that idles at about 0.6 amp, including the fan on its lowest speed. That's 12 volts times 0.6 amp = 7.2 watts – that may be less power than the smallest light bulb in your house. The inverter draws more power as the load increase but that id proportional to the load. At best, inverters are about 90% efficient, so about 550 watts input for 500 watts output.

  25. Marty Josephson says:

    The video would be much better if you held items and camera still

  26. John Rudd says:

    I think you need to do your home work, on solar panels. …

  27. John Rudd says:

    I really think you need to take a look around you tube….
    There is a Great future in solar panels…..

  28. Prepper Fox says:

    thanks for the video. sounds like a local accent.

  29. NM says:

    Thank you so much. Very informative :))

  30. Skeptic Republic says:

    great vid . full of great info

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